Kilamanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble- I Foresee the Dark Ahead, If I Stay (2011) Live

The Kilamanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble is music for silent movies. Best way to describe them. Founded in 2000 in the Netherlands they have expanded from originally two members to seven giving their jazz a deep atmospheric texture that makes it perfect session music.
This album is composed of live recordings from shows in the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, and Hungry and is offered for free download and streaming via Bandcamp.

free download and streaming on Bandcamp

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; How the Divorce Rate is Directly Related to Women Talking

   Some dink professor at a Yankee college was helping answer a question over at Savage Love and pointed out how in the course of the average life, we are likely to go through cycles of living alone and cohabitating…
Which got me to thinking, because that statement acknowledges that relationships are tempory, and this is not our grandparents world where people stay together for life. Something has obviously changed when people who have been married for 40+ years are getting divorced.
Essentially, the reason for this is because women have gained the legal right to run their mouths. Which is fine, I suppose, it just means that they wander off when they get angry, even if it is after more than half a lifetime.
Which is fine, I’m just pointing out the facts here. It’s like with the feral cats; If I didn’t feed them then they wouldn’t hang around. Women act the same way, if they don’t get what they want then they find someone who can.
Of course, if this is a two street too because if I had a problem with rats then I sure as hell wouldn’t be feeding the feral cats.


Øresund Space Collective- West, Space and Love (2012)

I have been getting a bit burnt on metal, and then I remembered Øresund Space Collective and found this album of theirs on bandcamp that had been released earlier this year.
For those who don’t know, ØSC is a jam band collective playing spaced-out music, and as a collective there is a revolving and constantly changing line-up of artists who play. And, it is all improve too. It consists of artists from Sweden and Denmark (sometimes the US also) and I can honestly say that of the 14 albums they have released I don’t dislike any.
This is the smallest the collective has ever been with just three musicians. The recording is a couple of years old, released in March of this year, I can honestly say that it is one of my favorite albums of the year blending Eastern influenced drone with their space-jam style earning it a 90% rating. There is little to complain about in this record if one is into this style and format of music, enjoy.

entire album avaible streaming at Bandcamp


And a page out of an old NCnNSz-


Funeral Moth- The Moth Flying To The Funeral Sky (2006)

Funeral Moth is a true funeral doom band out of Kanagawa, Japan. Low, slow and sludgy this demo is one of my favorite funeral doom releases of all time, showcasing exactly what there is to love about the genre.
This is mood-music, naturally, because no one is going to listen to Funeral Moth while stuck in traffic, however the songs are all well constructed with everything flowing together in a natural order. This is a good session album with a score of 92%.


Hooded Menace- Effigies of Evil (2012)

Today, is Morges 15th birthday! Happy Birthday!
Todays selection is Hooded Menace, a Finnish death/doom band, though I doubt there are many fifteen year old girls who like and willingly listen to Effigies of Evil it is still a quality release and one of the better albums of 2012.
While good, I would not call this album a classic because I honestly doubt that ten years from now I’m going to seek out this album to play, earning it a score of 80%.


Coffins- Mortuary in Darkness (2005)

Here we have Coffins hailing from Tokyo playing down-tuned, sludgy, slow-death/ funeral doom.
Mortuary in Darkness is an excellent album that doesn’t sit squarely in one genre, it explores the blurred territory between funeral and death metal. They avoid the pitfall of playing so slowly that the songs become painfully long, which turns many people away from funeral doom. The death metal influences are almost as strong as the former, with growled vocals that don’t overwhelm the songs making the entire album quite listenable. This release was nine years in the making, so it is a touch long, but I rate it at 92%.


Recently Ria brought over a couple of old Nutty Cock & Nuts Sodomy ‘zines she had stashed somewhere, so I’m going to share these also, piece-meal, over the next few weeks.
Ria put it well; “Wow, he [Das But] is really demented.”
So don’t say you haven’t been warned.


iTunes Roulette| Assfort- Total Assfortely 1990-1993

Time for another edition of iTunes Roulette. Assfort, Total Assfortery came up today, a japcore band from Tokyo.
Japcore is Japanese hardcore punk with a smattering of thrash and other punk genres such as horror punk and D beat, and Assfort is a prime example.
Fast, angry, slightly catchy with surprisingly good riffs for hardcore. The vocals are well performed and match the rest of the music well and this band shows what I love about hardcore, japcore and the Japanese music scene.
A rating of 86% and a must have for collectors of early hardcore.



Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women Are Sneaky and Cultes Des Ghoules/SZRON- Ridden With Holy Grace/The Black Prophecy split (2011)

   Women are naturally sneaky. There is no getting around it. This is not a new development in evolutionary terms either, just watch any documentary about primates and the females are always sneaking off.
Hell, my step daughter is the queen of sneaking ducklings home in her backpack. One time she asked me for an incubator. I said no, and tried to explain to her why we could not raise quail in a condo in downtown Orlando… a week later a box arrived for Morgan, suspiciously, about the size of an incubator. The quail eggs arrived two days later. The HOA blew a head gasket when they found out about the rabbit breeding project.
The point is that females normally have a strong relationship with their dads (it is how they are made; they all have daddy issues), and every dad has stories like these about their daughters. So logically speaking, a husband or boyfriend doesn’t have any chance of getting total honesty, so don’t expect it.
However, men are not totally honest with their wives or girlfriends, and if they are it is a weird co-dependant relationship.
Honesty is good, total honesty is co-dependant, which is bad.

Eastern European Black Metal and French Black Metal split. Not bad, but standard issue, so to say. A good example of both sub-genres, I rate it at 80%.