Sungrazer (2010)

   2013 is upon us, so the Mayans were off about when our culture was going to end… big suprise, they didn’t see the end of their own culture so why did anyone think that they had a special insight into ours? Seriously. The Mayan’s real claim to fame is that they had too much time on their hands.
For real. I wish I had so much time on my hands that I could dedicate years to watching and documenting which star came up where on the horizon. Those were some bored motherfuckers for that shit to have kept their attention for that long. Hell, I can’t sit through an entire Law and Order SVU, but those people devoted eight years to watching Venus? Bored motherfuckers I tell you.
Anyway Sungrazer is stoner/psychedelic rock from the Netherlands, a land that seems to be dedicating itself to producing great new stoner, psychedelic and space rock acts.
A harder band to properly label, Stargrazer deserves a listen because it is defiantly an appealing album that many are sure to enjoy, and I rate it at 85%; not quite a classic but a good choice for the collection.

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