iTunes Roulette- Beethoven’s 7th Symphony

   Here for today’s edition of iTunes Roulette is Beethoven’s 7th symphony. This is the first classical post, I’ve avoided the genre until now because I know many people have a degree of disdain for classical music. However, Beethoven is the composer to introduce it and the 7th symphony is one of my favorites. I don’t claim to be an aficionado of classical music, but Beethoven dreamed up these symphonies, hearing each individual instrument and where it should go and how it should sound in conjunction with all the other instruments, and all inside his head. Absolutely brilliant. Each piece plays off one another and adds to the overall work. I marvel at the intricacies; this guy is amazing when you consider that most of the bands posted on this blog have 2-5 instruments being played…
Yes, classical is absolute mood music. Yes, not everyone likes classical.
However, Beethoven is true session music, and this recording gets a rating of 94%- the symphony is slightly “loose” and no one can play Beethoven perfectly.