Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Why Old People Suck and Lascowiec

   I’ve noticed a major source of strife; old people. They are a group of people who are just sitting around waiting to die, so of course they are going to stir up trouble. They literally have nothing better to do. Matlock only comes on once a day and they are so fucking computer-dumb that they can’t conquer Netflix!
Through out human history most people did not live past the age of sixty, this is an evolutionary safeguard because old people are annoying. Clearly, people need something to do. Come to find out “retirement” is really just “waiting to die and I’m going to devote my time to aggravating everyone who is not currently waiting on the Angel of Death”.
Its not like the old fuckers have anything good to say either. All of their experiences happened so long ago that most of their opinions are useless. There are not many things that happened in 1960 that have much bearing on today. Hate to be pointing out the obvious, but it’s true. Yes, yes, rockets were blasted into space in 1960 and gas was $0.25 a goddamn gallon! That has nothing to do with today’s issues and problems. Besides for that if these old clowns had real solutions then they should be implementing them rather than babbling about them! Duh!
I think the baby boomer generation does not want their children to miss them when they die. They think that there is a heaven and they will be allowed in by showing that their children hate them. Seriously.
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Today’s selection is Lascoweic, a USBM band out of San Francisco. Didn’t find a download. Sorry. Slacking.