SOURVEIN- Black Fangs (2011)

Sourvein is an old sludge/doom band originally from Cape Fear Beach, North Carolina, and this is their latest full length album, Black Fangs. They have splits with Bongzilla and Buzz’ven, bla bla bla typical stoner/sludge, while new, it is over produced with too clean a sound and trampling over the same old ground. And the album is too long. It would have been much better without the filler. It is a 25 minute collection of material streached out to twice that.
For fans of the genre it is ok, the first song, Fangs, is my favorite of the album. However, it is even a bit too much even for a fan; the length is obviously influenced by some record company twit and at times it sounds like the Rolling Stones trying to play Sludge, with obvious grasps at recreating an half forgotten old sound. 70%

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