Random Tag Game; Abysmal Dawn- Leveling the Plane of Existance (2011)

Here again is the random tag game. Today we have Abysmal Dawn; this is why people hate technical death metal. Hailing from Los Angeles and often compared to Morbid Angel… honestly, this album comes across as a record label photo-copy of MA targeting fans “of the technical death metal genre of music”;

To: Record Label Executive
Subject: Technical Death Metal

Dear Mr Hooknose, our corporation has been ignoring the technical death metal market, we need a band to capture our rightful corner of this market. I suggest name that is dark and vague, with cover art that attracts those young at heart. For songs, we will use new software called MoTown to Metal to convert old Stevie Wonder songs into guitar riffs and then play them at four times the original speed with lyrics about death, dying and spaceships.

Not trying to be mean, but that’s how it appears to me. Wow, iTunes Roulette came up with a doosie this time. 65% (only because I like Stevie Wonder)



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