Sunn O))) – The Grimmrobe Demos (1999)

Here again we have Sunn O))), yes I’ve been on a drone/doom kick for a while now, however Sunn O))) is the most appealing and consistent of the genre, and one of my favorites. A two-piece, yes, originally created basically to worship Earth (the band). Yes, kinda lame, but they did evolve out of that mentality to create their own music and going on to found Southern Lord Records. Even so, this is a demo that stands on it’s own merit with almost an hour of gigantic, heavy riffs broken into three songs.
The demo was broken into three songs, four on the original vinyl, with a massive (hand made) scratch through track four… Which is original and fitting for a drone/doom demo, no doubt, and the re-release included the fourth track, as does this YouTube post.
This is another album that should be listened to in it’s entirety, skipping to track 3 really isn’t an option. 85%

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