Jucifer Show at Will’s Pub review

Ok, I waited until 7 to start drinking so that I would not be totally annotated (spell-check, but I like it better) by the time a band was ready to play. However, that said, it is 10 o’clock and someone is finally starting the sound check for the show that was supposed to start at 9, so I am going to grab another beer and check these guys out.
Minutes later I return to report;
Wow, crap-o-la. I don’t know who was playing, but boy they brought out the rat-tails, I tell you. The crowd was so greasy I left after three songs and my second beer. All there was to report was Jucifer’s (I am guessing) wall of sound crap; wow, there was a lot of stuff there, stacked to the ceiling, a lot for a two piece, but I heard that they are incredibly loud. I suppose I should have stayed and heard them play, but I was in genuine fear that if I stood near those people too long I would contract some odd affliction like scabies or lice.


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