Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Age Differences in Dating and Ash Borer- demo (2009)

Since most of the Loser Generation has turned Thirty by now it seems a safe time to breech the subject of dating. By now we have all been through a few relationships, the teenage infatuations are gone as are the misconceptions of the twenties. Many of our peers are on their second “adult” relationship and most who were going to have children have already had them.
Women aren’t to be trusted, everyone already knows that, and we have also established that our generation of women feel that they are equal to men. That presents a problem because women can’t treat a man as an equal in a relationship, however, the obvious solution is to date women outside of our generation.
Older women, that are still attractive enough to be included in this discussion, are likely going to be both crazy and condescending, but they are also going to be better in bed because they have had more practice than the ’90 models. That said, you’re never going to be the dominant partner with an older woman in the long term. They are kinda like classic cars; they’re fun to drive and take around the block a few times, but you don’t want one as your everyday ride.
Younger women, while better to look at if not better in bed, offer the advantage that they automaticly don’t believe that they are smarter than you. And they are more receptive to new ideas than older women. For example, an aquitance of mine recently meet a stunning young lady the other day, on the bus. She was an aspiring young dancer of 19 years who had no quams about blow-jobs and dog crates.
Younger women aren’t great in bed and older women break, and our peers are cunts… this is a no win situation. Sorry.

Ash Borer, the demo… OK, a while back I said rude things about a split they did, however, this is a sick demo, a solid pinnacle of new black metal. Also, I love demos and splits, they have an unpolished sound that gets filtered out much of the time in full albums.
The demo starts out low and rhythmic with riffs slightly reminiscent of old Polish NSBM then meandering around from there with a blending of fast, slow and building riffs makes this two song, 24 minute demo into a black metal journey; 90%