Another Show at Will’s Pub

Ohh wow, big suprise, $3.00 cover to see drums and fucking hipsters 45 minutes after the “show” was advertised to start. This is like the nexus of rattails and chicks with no make-up that I would likely get alcohol poisoning before I wanted to have intercourse with them… Cheap cigarettes don’t make those girls any more attractive, either.
Besides for the girls that my dog won’t hump and the guys those girls won’t screw, this show sucks. I think that I just paid three dollars to rip on people I don’t know.
That show was so unimpressive and completely Orlando-Rattail that I left after one beer in favor of playing Vice City on the iPad instead of looking at an empty stage.
So, here instead is Øresund Space Collective, Entering into the Space Country from 2011 featuring a guitarist of fame, specifically whose fame I am totally unaware of, that of Hurdy Gurdy and Secret Oyster… Killer guitar riffs and, of course, properly spacey, this is a great release, 89%.
That said, the matter of GTA Vice City 10th anniversary edition and the sporadic posts still remain to be properly addressed; The posts have skipped days because work has picked up and there have been fewer albums that I felt compelled to talk about, though ØSC is always a good backup, always putting out awesome space jams. And, as this album demonstrate, there are mounds of great European artists out there that I have never heard of, so there will be more regular posts forthcoming, including a new Nutty Cock n Nuts sodomy ‘zine which I will be sure to share as soon as I collect my mail.
Vice City; I forgot how fun this game was. The controls for the iPad leave a touch to be desired, but not much. Overall this is the exact same game, with the addition that you can use the tape deck in the cars! That is to say you make a playlist entitled “vicecity” and while driving a car switch the radio to “tape deck” and your playlist plays as part of the game! And all the maps for the hidden packages, rampages, free weapons, police stars are readily available. The only negative I can note is that the opening introduction films for GTA 3 made it crash every time, so now for Vice City I just skip past the intro, but this is the same great game we all know and love. Highly recommended.


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