Che EP (2008) [split]

Here we have the Che EP from 2009, and my first digital album purchase in literally years (laptop finally died, so I am stuck using Androids and the iPad mini, which is incredible, btw). This is a sort of compilation/split/”we’re-up-this-old-dude’s-ass-tribute”
The first track features Sunn O))) and Pan Sonic, Finnish experimental techno-soundscape duo, which is an interesting mix, somewhat typical of what you would expect from Sunn O))) making music with a pair of Finns whose music focuses on the term “soundscape”.
The second track is by Alan Vega, who is… Basically, some weird old guy that people other than me believe is talented. He is an artist and was one of the main goons for the electronic prontopunk genre, being one of the two clowns of the band Suicide, and he was also one of the main Sword Fighters of the No Wave movement in New York in the early 80’s.
This geezer Vega is who this entire EP and a series of other compilations is dedicated to, him and his “artistic vision”. Honestly, this guy just needs to wipe the blue paint off his face and move into a retirement community and drive slow like everyone his age, and everyone else needs to stop telling him he is cool, cause he isn’t. Spoken Word is not profound or chic, so if someone would just hide his Viagra and fiber pills there won’t be any wind left in his sails and he will start acting his age. (Wiki article about the pirate)
The third track is by Stephen Burroughs, an acoustic guitar piece with vocals, which is decent and in stark contrast to the rest of the EP, which I do not get at all. I think the guy is a producer, so I’m not getting this EP, at all, however what am I expecting out of a band that wears bathrobes on stage in order to be more profound? 78%, I don’t know what I was thinking buying this album.


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