The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request (1996)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is a psychedelic rock band originally from San Francisco, Anton Newcombe’s project, a well know eccentric musician who didn’t seem to get along with many people. There have been a load of other musicians over the years (Wiki), and the movie Dig! documents this and some of the antics and his lovely personality.
This is one of three albums BJM put out in 1996, this one being heavy with psychedelic effects and instruments (sitars among others) and obviously influenced by the Rolling Stones psychedelic album of a similar title. This is my favorite of their albums, being a sucker for garage and psychedelic, and this is masterfully done. As homeboy said in Dig!, “Newcombe is years ahead of his time”, 97% (the brownie might be making this sound better). This album reexamines old Rolling Stones, in the 90’s, and manages to make an album that captured the overall magic of the music scene at the time. Right on man, maybe tree-topping goof-balls inspires good music.

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Here, we have a shining example of why code enforcement is up this neighborhood’s ass; they know good and well that they can’t trust most of the morons here to tie anything down right. First strong wind that comes along…


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; BLODFEST

Ok, I don’t mean to be rude here, but I have noticed a distinct pattern. The world is half full of women, and most of them are trying their damnedest to be heard, totally and absolutely convinced that everyone needs to know what is on their minds. The main problem here is that most of them don’t have anything relevant to profess. They get confused, just because some women have proven themselves useful, they immediately conclude that all women have great and innovative ideas, especially themselves.
Mention Margret Thacher to any woman and quickly that woman is going to start giving unsolicited advice, as if Thacher’s achievements suddenly make her opinions more profound and relevant just because they both have a snatch.
I am not trying to be rude here, I am just pointing out a possible reason why women haven’t been listened to much throughout history.

Today’s black metal selection is Blodfest, a Danish band that has been putting out albums since 2005, though claiming to have been together for much longer. Denmark is not know for black metal bands, at all really. I think about a decade ago there was somewhat of a NSBM scene there, but that’s it, until Blodfest. Kinda low on the radar but a stellar band none the less, defiantly worth checking out.


MC5 – Kick Out The Jams (1969)

Everyone has heard of MC5, a psychedelic rock band from the late 60’s, they were the band of the late sixties. Granted, they are mood music to an extent, some days this album will sound like the best psychedelic rock album of the 60’s. And other days the Rock and roll and blues influences sound way too strong compelling me not to listen to this albums for long stretches.
A critic back in the 60’s blasted several other bands calling them “shit” in comparison to MC5. Such a rude and militant opinion has always struck me as humorous, however, there have been days where I totally agree with the guy. A difficult album to pin down with any blanket statement, this is defiantly a should-hear band and a classic in every sense of the word, 92%.


The Dandy Warhols – Dandy’s Rule OK? (1995)

Otherwise know as the White Album, released in 1995 launching the Dandy’s success, the Dandy’s do rule. More sixties and shoegaze influenced than later albums it is still as good as all their other albums. One of the great things about this band is that they have always had enough taste to release good albums, the entire discography can be left on repeat for days without it becoming annoying. A stunning debut album 92%.


Anal Cunt

This has been a week of dealing with insurance adjusters and silly questions, like “How hard did she hit you?” And my favorite, “He hit her pretty hard, but how hard did she hit you after that?” Pretty fucking hard I tell you, but the dollar value is vague on that point I guess.
Besides for my adventures of the vehicular kind I have been at a bit of a loss as what to post, while sitting at the dog park enjoying the splendid weather of a picturesque central Florida spring it strikes me that Anal Cunt would be the perfect post for today; loud, intense grind core/hardcore with purposely offensive lyrics and short songs full of blast beats.
Wiki provides an decent description of Anal Cunt, but essentially it is the hardcore parallel to G.G. Allin, full of funny lyrics and song titles like “Recycling is Gay”, and more offensive ones. While not my favorite album, it is one for the digital collection and defiantly a “should hear” band, even if it is just be able to claim to hate them. 78%


Hurdy Gurdy (1967)

Ok, this band named Hurdy Gurdy wrote Donovan in the late sixties asking him to write a song, which he did for them, then there was a disagreement over how it was to be played and bla, bla, bla, both bands ended up recording it, but the better known version is Donovan’s Hurdy Gurdy Man, which they are basically the same. (Wiki)
The last Øresund Space Collective post featured someone from Hurdy Gurdy, which is what got me started on that tangent, and yes I’ve been slacking on the posts as of late… Family dog died and the stroked-out mother-in-law [NASCAR, she’s paralyzed on the left side, thus, she swims in circles and hence the name] moved out of the nursing home… Yeah, it’s been a bad week, I won’t say that I wish the dog were still here and NASCAR… Of course, this sediments surprise no one considering my well known desire to make a preemptive strike and pee on her grave before she dies in order to be ready when that glorious day arrives.


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- Women Drivers and Jute Gyte

Look at the front tires and rims on a woman’s car. Looks like the car’s been driven through a war zone doesn’t it? That’s because the mean-spirited road workers keep putting curbs everywhere. Seriously though, women obviously weren’t intended to drive automobiles since the suspensions are so delicate. I mean breakable.
Most people in this town are horrible drivers, but I’ve seen a soccer mom run over a boy on a bicycle and not even notice, granted, she did notice him in the rear view mirror and turned around. She informed me that it was the boys fault… Really, it was the crossing guard’s fault for enticing the boy across the street.
After I wrote that last part, I was rear-ended by a woman. Twice. Then, she claimed it was not her fault.
I was going to launch into a tirade again women drivers, but now I am thinking that I have offended the menstruation gods and that if I say much more I am going to meet a female cement truck driver next, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

Jute Gyte is a solo project out of Missouri, which explained the depressive aspects to the music. He is proficient, his third release of this year alone, this being, “Microtonal experimental black metal played on 24-tone guitars”. Sam explained to me that a microtonal guitar has extra frets, which oddly enough that whole conversation occurred literally a couple of hours after homeboy released this album, showing that great minds think alike and mine isn’t one of them.
This release is makes full use of the extra frets and is defiantly experimental, and long, quite long but not in an overbearing, bad way. This is a quality solo project, akin to Burzum in the sense that it is one person’s musical thoughts and one line is being explored. At a point the drums struggle keep up with tremolo, microtonal guitars with a simple blast beat. The second half of the album I like a bit more, but it is good earning a score of 85%, if a touch jangly.


Part Two; Bardo Pond presents Sublimation (2006)

This is part two of the Bardo Pond post from Saturday, as this is the new incantation of them organized more or less like a collective, for this album is a collection of member’s side-projects. I’m liking this more than their earlier line-ups, collectives seem to allow the individual artists to explore sounds that normally would have been ignored.
The entire album comes across this way with a sleepy, experimental feel that I’m digging. The last song by Takeda, is like this, apart from the rest of the album as it is more experimental drone with muted psychedelic influences, twenty minutes of well crafted, distorted drone and buzzing guitars with faint vocals dipping in and out. The entire album is good but this is my favorite track, though there isn’t anything negative to say about the others, which are more psychedelic. The album is good session music and a solid 83%.


Random Tag Game; Bardo Pond

My computer is still dead so I still have no access to my external hard rive and 200+ gigs of my music, so I am delving into new music that is less familiar to me in an effort to broaden my horizons. And because I have no choice. Down to one clean shirt, today became Laundry Day and Bardo Pond came up YouTube while I was waiting.
I’m listening to them now, and before I’ve read anything about them I can say that it isn’t bad, dancing back and forth between slow psych-ish rock and “hard”-ish riffs and the female vocalist is talking about her fish smell, which, at least she is honest about these things. The next song that came up was Limerick, which is much better than Fish Stence or whatever that first one was called.
Bardo Pond is a place described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, thus where the Philadelphia based psychedelic/ space rock band derived their name. Formed in 1991 rather proficient ever since, they seem to be somewhat well known, and, yet again, I haven’t heard of them. They have some really good songs, and some that are just a bit over the top and there is a compilation of their’s on Bandcamp that I am going to check out also. Of the first six songs on YouTube three are masterpieces of psych-space rock. The rest… Fish stench.