Cough- Ritual Abuse (2010)

Cough is stoner/sludge from Richmond, Virginia. This is their latest release and they are currently on tour in Europe, slow, low and down-tuned, this is a sludge on an epic scale… Almost too epic, it is like they are trying a touch too hard, which is why I prefer their first full length album, Sigillum Luciferi, but this is not bad, but the vocals really aren’t stoner/doom. I’m sorry, but some of the vocals come at you like something a radio DJ would call hardcore(!), and the album doesn’t seem real focused. It comes across more as a follow-up album to a really good one [which it is] rather than a new and original work; 73%

And here we have part of the 9th issue of the Nutty Cock ‘n Nuts Sodomy ‘zine, a friend recently found these, she said, “Yeah, I was looking at these… Das Büt is…” Which sums it up quite well. He recently sent me the newest issue (14), which I meant to post, but I grabbed this one instead.
If you’re not already familiar with the Nutty Cock ‘n Nuts Sodomy ‘zine, it is basically demented art and tirades by Das Büt, who has a special sense of humor. While some of his work is considered over the top by many, there is a certain humor and creativity that I can appreciate. For instance, he had a habit of entertaining himself years ago by calling up this guys grandmother and propositioning her for sex. And I say habit, because he didn’t do it just once or twice… (DasBü




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