Random Tag Game; Bardo Pond

My computer is still dead so I still have no access to my external hard rive and 200+ gigs of my music, so I am delving into new music that is less familiar to me in an effort to broaden my horizons. And because I have no choice. Down to one clean shirt, today became Laundry Day and Bardo Pond came up YouTube while I was waiting.
I’m listening to them now, and before I’ve read anything about them I can say that it isn’t bad, dancing back and forth between slow psych-ish rock and “hard”-ish riffs and the female vocalist is talking about her fish smell, which, at least she is honest about these things. The next song that came up was Limerick, which is much better than Fish Stence or whatever that first one was called.
Bardo Pond is a place described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, thus where the Philadelphia based psychedelic/ space rock band derived their name. Formed in 1991 rather proficient ever since, they seem to be somewhat well known, and, yet again, I haven’t heard of them. They have some really good songs, and some that are just a bit over the top and there is a compilation of their’s on Bandcamp that I am going to check out also. Of the first six songs on YouTube three are masterpieces of psych-space rock. The rest… Fish stench.


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