Part Two; Bardo Pond presents Sublimation (2006)

This is part two of the Bardo Pond post from Saturday, as this is the new incantation of them organized more or less like a collective, for this album is a collection of member’s side-projects. I’m liking this more than their earlier line-ups, collectives seem to allow the individual artists to explore sounds that normally would have been ignored.
The entire album comes across this way with a sleepy, experimental feel that I’m digging. The last song by Takeda, is like this, apart from the rest of the album as it is more experimental drone with muted psychedelic influences, twenty minutes of well crafted, distorted drone and buzzing guitars with faint vocals dipping in and out. The entire album is good but this is my favorite track, though there isn’t anything negative to say about the others, which are more psychedelic. The album is good session music and a solid 83%.


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