Hurdy Gurdy (1967)

Ok, this band named Hurdy Gurdy wrote Donovan in the late sixties asking him to write a song, which he did for them, then there was a disagreement over how it was to be played and bla, bla, bla, both bands ended up recording it, but the better known version is Donovan’s Hurdy Gurdy Man, which they are basically the same. (Wiki)
The last Øresund Space Collective post featured someone from Hurdy Gurdy, which is what got me started on that tangent, and yes I’ve been slacking on the posts as of late… Family dog died and the stroked-out mother-in-law [NASCAR, she’s paralyzed on the left side, thus, she swims in circles and hence the name] moved out of the nursing home… Yeah, it’s been a bad week, I won’t say that I wish the dog were still here and NASCAR… Of course, this sediments surprise no one considering my well known desire to make a preemptive strike and pee on her grave before she dies in order to be ready when that glorious day arrives.