Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women’s Liberation and Black Witchery- The Summoning of Infernal Legions (1998)

The other day in line at Publix I notice this older woman of about 45 in line ahead of me with twelve pack of 8 ounce diet Coke and a microwave dinner, and it struck me that this is what the whole Women’s Liberation movement fought for; the freedom for women to go home to an empty house that she controls where every object is placed… Honestly, that movement has just resulted in the women of our society being bitchier. Now all of them have the right to talk and are totally abusing the privilege, besides for the fact that the vast majority of them don’t have enough sense to be making their own decisions. Old Girl didn’t have a smile on her face and would likely have greatly enjoyed being stuffed in a dog crate with a Go-Cam strapped to her head get bumped around the room and generally shown a good time. Obviously she is kinda dumb and needs someone to take care of her and she obviously ran off everyone who tried by “expressing her independence” (which is code for being an excessively bitchy and or slutty). All for what? To go home to an empty house in her old age and rub the dirty parts while watching MSNBC? Whatevesies, that’s the price of freedom, I guess.

Today we have Black Witchery’s EP from 1998, The Summoning of Infernal Legions. A local band from Winter Springs and one of the older Black Metal bands still around and touring and playing sick music. They are lesser known in America than Europe (where they frequently tour) and one of older black metal bands still around and putting out relevant music. Another “should hear” band, and while American their sound doesn’t really fit into the USBM label. They’re “that black metal band from Winter Springs”, best way of putting it. They play straight up black metal, original, furious, and just bad ass in general. This EP is great and highly recommended, 97%



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