Random Downloads; Veld- Leavings of the Wolf (2013)

Veld is a raw black metal band from Massachusetts, today being a Random Download Day, I choose Veld which Svn-Okklt was kind enough to post, albeit, with virtually no description.
No YouTube, Metallum has virtually no information, around since 2011 putting out three demos, a compilation, and this one eighteen minute track released just this year. Underground as hell with no members listed, most of this bands efforts seem geared towards making music, and that’s it, no flashy self-promotions or other antics, just as true black metal should be. This release has some great tremolo riffs, the lyrics are screamed in proper BM fashion, though there are DSBM influences that slow the song and add another erie, dark element to this track. Defiantly one of the better releases this year, 89%.