Mission Of Burma – Signals, Calls and Marches… (1981)

Ok, the picture is horrible, but Saturday morning saw this homeless prophet sitting on the steps of the College Park Baptist Church giving everyone the finger. Good for him, today’s selection is Mission of Burma, an early post-punk/indie band from Boston (Wiki), I feel I should have already known about these guys. The name is familiar, but this is really a Random Tag, early post-punk, originally formed in 1979, this album was recorded in 1981, really at the peak of analog recording. Post-punk is an excellent genre to showcase the deep, rich sound derived from analog.
Years ago Danger drove all the way to NYC to buy this old, 16 track, reel to reel, and I didn’t understand why he would do such a thing, until I heard the recording he crafted out of that thing. Bands would drive here from all over the South to have him record them, and Signals, Calls and Marches is a good example of why people love analog, with the guitars and drums and cymbals coming through with a deep, rich, textured clarity that is lost with digital recordings. Defiantly recommended, 92%.

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Nonsun- Good Old Evil (2012)

Every once in a while an album comes out that is so incredible that I can’t resist but to jump on the bandwagon, and in this case it’s a demo. I had another post planned for today, but I couldn’t sleep and around 3 am I came across this gushing review and remembered that I had recently downloaded the same demo, and yeah, it’s that good.
A Ukrainian sludge/drone duo self-released this dark masterpiece last year, remember the year that the world was supposed to end, again? Why would anyone think that the Mayan had some sort of special knowledge of doomsday? Not to be mean, but these are the same people whose civilization ended because they were tricked by Spanish pig farmers… I’m sure they were very nice people, but it was absolutely moronic to listen to their prophesies.
But anyway, this is a great album, a very strong album in general and defiantly worth a listen, 89%.



Random Download; Black Beasts demo II (2012)

Today we have Black Beasts demo II, a random download from Svn-Oklt, totally random shot in the dark, however, that guy normally has excellent taste in unknown black metal, and this is no exception.
Raw, lo-fi USBM, based out of nowhere, with no members, this is black metal as it should b. No frills, a short demo that was originally self released and limited to 30 copies, a solid rating of 90%, and so obscure one can rest assured the Apopka whitetrash metal heads will never find this tape.