Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday the Baby Generation and Kreuzweg Ost- Edelrost (2005)

I’ve noticed that the “men” of our parents generation [baby boomers] overall, act like babies. Hate to point out the obvious here, but those clowns responded to the idea that men and women are equal by acting like little girls.
Seriously, I’ve noticed some common themes amongst the males of that generation. For instance, if anything is less than perfect these “men” feel compelled to explain how the problem is someone else’s fault.
It’s weird, because they’ll just start saying how they are innocent of wrong-doing totally unprompted. And, they’ll be saying this crap all while implying that everyone else is stupid.
First off, if anyone wanted to hear their opinion they would have asked for it. Wisdom doesn’t come with age and someone needs to explain that one to these old fuckers.
Second, they’re facing the wrong direction; it is hard to move forward focusing on what’s in the rear view mirror.
Third, pinning blame and passing the buck does nothing. The only person anyone has any control over is themselves. If a situation isn’t to your liking then do something about it, or at least examine what one could have done better.
Half the “men” of that generation let their kids be raised by single women and now are telling those same kids that it is their own fault that (fill in the blank)… Never occurs to them that they didn’t do their job and raise their own kids; the half the men weren’t in the house and the women dumped the kids off at daycare so they could work… Absolute minimum effort. They collectively didn’t raise their children, they just did enough to get by. That generation does the absolute minimum and acts surprised when the results reflect that degree of effort. The whole generation does exactly what they believe is required, and that’s it. Defiantly a generational thing, because as a group they collectively forget how they were helped when they were younger. As a group they want their kids out of the house on their 18th birthday so they can focus on retirement, which has been their main goal in life all along.
The Baby Boomers have always done as little as possible and now they’re focused on retirement so that they can do even less. And they expect these same kids they ditched in day care to take care of them in their old age…
Hate to be the one to break the bad news to the Baby Boomers, but half their “retirement” is going to be spent in a nursing home having Haitians wiping their asses because their kids are going to follow their example and do the absolute minimum also.
These Baby Boomer men sit running their mouths, belittling their children acting like they know everything when they should be learning Creole.

“gen se toujou poupou kite sou dèyè m ‘”
(Creole for “there is still feces left on my buttocks”)

Today’s Black Metal selection is Kreuzweg Ost, which isn’t t really black metal at all but technically “Martial Ambient”, which was a new genre name for me, anyway. This is the side-project of that guy from Summoning, basically piecing together music, old speeches and spoken word with the ambient soundscape of martial music, which focuses primarily on Austrian history…
Ok, I’m not sure what to make of this album, or the whole project for that matter. It is defiantly good, I’m just not sure that I like it, interesting and listenable, it is almost like an electronic mesh of spoken word put to martial music, in German. An album that is destine to be played and enjoyed immensely at 3am after closing out the bar and miraculously discovering an unopened bottle of Jim Bean; a score of 80%, not so much that I like the album now, but I know there will be a moment in the future when I will really dig this release.

“Kreuzweg Ost is a dark wave/martial industrial/neo classical project by Michael Gregor (Silenius of Summoning), with Ronald Albrecht and Programmer/Producer Oliver Stummer aka Tomoroh Hidari. The music is a blend of world war-related samples and loops with booming sounds and instrumental pieces. There are no vocals, instead, the predominant samples are arranged so that they take their role, sometimes telling kind of small stories similar to radio play snippets.” Last Fm



Project Pat- Getty Green (1999)

Project Pat is a rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, affiliated with Three 6 Mafia, in and out of prison and generally exactly as he portrays himself, which is part of what attracted me to them back in the 90’s when few people outside of Memphis and the South had ever heard of them.
I got this album the day it came out, and still firmly believe this is still his best album. A southern rap classic, there are bunches of guest artists on this release, almost a Who’s Who of the southern scene at the time. Afterwards Project Pat said that the album was only mildly profitable since the royalties had to be distributed amount so many artists, however it did firmly establish Project as a notable artist. Released by Loud Records and DJ Paul’s older brother (of Three 6 Mafia), this is defiantly one for the digital collection, all the tracks are good with lots of guest artists, this rates a solid 93%, recommended.



Yo La Tengo- I’m Not Afraid of You and I’ll Beat Your Ass (2006)

A random tag must have attracted me to this band, because it has sat on the back burner for over a month, this album has two jam-session songs and easiest to describe as shoe-gaze/psychedelic jam-type band.
Listening to this I am amazed that I had never heard of these guys before, and while the influences of The Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead are heard, but not dominant. Quite a good album, 88%, recommended.

Wiki article

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Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- The American Culture of Shit-Talking and Wolves in the Throne Room

Our Politically Correct society has become so safe and protected that it has devolved to a point where “People talk a lot shit from a safe place” (-Bun B). Granted, this has always been an issue, however, the presence of cameras mounted everywhere, the Internet police and Facebook have transformed what was once a civil society into a haven for rudeness.
Over the past week alone I’ve been threatened and cussed at by perfect strangers three times. My favorite was the Yankee cro-mag with clip-art and tribal sleeves who told CCRR that he was going to “fuck that guy up” because he didn’t approve of me riding my YZ 85 in a Department of Transportation field by his house… First off, I’ll point out that if he was serious and anything more than a bully he would have said that to me rather than CCRR.
Secondly, this is the South, we raise our children to have manners, everyone is armed and within their rights to “stand their ground”. In other words, the State of Florida doesn’t protect individuals who get too threatening or aggressive. Of course, Florida has also codified the circumstances under which it is acceptable to shoot people in one’s own orange grove. The point is that before everyone had smart phones to document any errant behavior for use as evidence, we had to get along with our fellow citizens on our own… And yes, there have been a couple of times that I had guns pointed at me, and I am a better person for it.
If not better, more polite at least. But the point is that talk is cheap, everyone knows that if Goober was serious he wouldn’t be talking about it ahead of time. Which brings up the point of why would someone go out of their way to publicly make an ass out of themselves? My theory is that his wriggler must be the size of my pinky and he thinks that if he makes enough racket no one will guess… Seriously, it has to be that or his dad hugged him too much or too little.
Then, there was this middle-aged hipster lady who got all butt-hurt because I pointed out that the Industrial Revolution rendered slavery economically unviable. Called me all kinds of names over Facebook, her basic point being that I must be wrong because the manner in which I pointed out these facts was politically insensitive. The utter lack of logical thought didn’t strike me as unusual coming from someone whose profile pic looks like she applied her make-up with a paintball gun.
Regardless it strikes me as a shame that technology has advanced our civilization to the point where random rudeness to strangers is now socially acceptable.

Today, we have Wolves in the Throne Room and their 2011 album, Celestial Linage a Washington based USBM act, however this is not their greatest offering, 78%.


Coffin Dust- Ancient Rites of Buried Evil (2011)

Coffin Dust is out of Philly playing old school styled death metal. There isn’t a whole lot out there about them, but they play some really good death metal. I’ve found myself listening to this album every day, highly recommended, 91%.

Driving around Orlando one will see some truly weird things, I don’t know if it is the humidity or what, but this town breeds weirdness. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised to see a 200 pound lesbian driving a motorcycle with a spoiler, while wearing a chrome Pickelhaube helmet.


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- Why Nancy Grace Should Be Forced To Wear a Dog Cone and Bone Awl- Sunless Xyggos (2010)

Nancy Grace’s opinions are as relevant as a Crock Pot’s. There, I said it. Ohh yes, I know, now I’m an asshole. But really, all that woman does is get wild-eyed and starts yelling about some other weird-ass woman who killed someone for six minutes, catches her breath for three (feminine product commercials) then starts screaming at the camera again. Yes, I know, she made it through Law School and bla, bla, bla and she is “brilliant”. I might point out that the majority of her audience is voting age women. Which, is scary. They are entertained because one of their own is in the picture-box going through “the change of life” screaming at everyone who stands up to and or gets near her. Not only does this pass for entertainment for women, but it also explains why women didn’t have the right to vote for the majority of human history.
Most of Americas Favorite Hysterical Woman points evolve like a snowball rolling down a snowy hillside, picking up debris like three second blurbs and “cleaver witticisms”. What Nancy Grace is really doing is encouraging women to be cunts through the glorification of mass media. Whatever balding, five-foot-two Jewish advertising twirp who came up with the idea for her show needs to be publicly horse-whipped for bringing this plague upon the American people.
There is a to way the reverse the damage she has caused my making it socially acceptable for women to be uncivil if they pretend to be “passionate” enough about a topic. Logically, if Grace has to be so loud and uncivil she needs a bark collar and a plastic cone; A bark collar to keep her voice at normal levels and a plastic cone to demonstrate to all the other women that such bitchiness is not appreciated by everyone else.
That and I don’t like the faces she makes when she is trying to express an exceptional profound “point”.
But, in all seriousness, publicly humiliating Nancy Grace would make America a more civil and less rude society, and even if it is just a little bit, I believe it is worth the effort to make the world a better place.

Bone Awl’s Sunless Xyggos was recorded in 2006 and released in 2010 (Metallum) and is half of one of their previous splits. Some clown totally ripped on this release over at Metallum, and while I don’t really agree his points are relevant enough to link.
Basically, the arguments against Bone Awl fall into two categories; 1. Too minimalist 2. Too trendy While somewhat valid these arguments forget that this is punk influenced, lo-fi USBM and these guys were some of the first to play black metal in this style, eleven years ago (2002 being their first demo). This is a progression of black metal and punk, both genres seem to promote exclusivist fans and are sometimes difficult to appreciate. A decade later everyone loves lo-fi and it’s easy to forget that there was a time when no one was playing like this, thus while not their greatest release it is good and not a simplistic reiteration earning it a score of 84%.

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Introducing Project Cat


Fluorescent Heights- Vendetta in Paradise (2013)

Fluorescent Heights is an ambient/drone solo-project hailing from Sweden, this is music Blaine whales would make if they had synthesizers. CCRR responded that that’s why they should go extinct.
Canoeing the deep Rivers mellow synthesizer qualities prompted me to notice that this song had sparkles, CCRR, who is in hell listening to this, dryly responded that it isn’t sparkles but chimes.
This is weird ambient drone, the use of synthesizers is a bit too heavy handed on this release, actually, I couldn’t make it through the whole album. it’s too much, not even codeine could make this an “A” album, only recommended if you are prescribed lithium, though, so experimental that it’s good for a few laughs, thus saving it from an absolutely failing grade, 55%


Burning Witch – Crippled Lucifer: Towers (1998)

Past members of Sunn O))) and both their current members played with Burning Witch, so I assumed it would be good, Metallum rated it as 92% and I was thinking it would be a good album to check out, but I ended up disappointed. This album incorporates the exact aspects of doom and sludge that I don’t like. Hard to precisely describe, but the early doom and sludge has qualities akin to radio butt-rock; the vocals are too passionate and the guitar riffs are more down tuned than truly heavy. Honestly, I think people are more into Sunn O))) and this album floats around that fame like a piece of driftwood in the surf, 65%.

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SUNN O)))- CroMonolithic remixes for an Iron Age (2004)

CroMonolithic remixes for an Iron Age is epic, classic Sunn O))) at it’s finest. An EP of dark, low and brooding guitar and bass, slow and down-tuned, while defiantly mood music this release still rates a solid 82%, Sunn O))) has a definite appeal that most people could appreciate if listened to in the proper setting, such as a rainy afternoon session.

Sunn O))) on bandcamp

Their photos are so epic I had to use this one that was on Last FM