Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- Why Nancy Grace Should Be Forced To Wear a Dog Cone and Bone Awl- Sunless Xyggos (2010)

Nancy Grace’s opinions are as relevant as a Crock Pot’s. There, I said it. Ohh yes, I know, now I’m an asshole. But really, all that woman does is get wild-eyed and starts yelling about some other weird-ass woman who killed someone for six minutes, catches her breath for three (feminine product commercials) then starts screaming at the camera again. Yes, I know, she made it through Law School and bla, bla, bla and she is “brilliant”. I might point out that the majority of her audience is voting age women. Which, is scary. They are entertained because one of their own is in the picture-box going through “the change of life” screaming at everyone who stands up to and or gets near her. Not only does this pass for entertainment for women, but it also explains why women didn’t have the right to vote for the majority of human history.
Most of Americas Favorite Hysterical Woman points evolve like a snowball rolling down a snowy hillside, picking up debris like three second blurbs and “cleaver witticisms”. What Nancy Grace is really doing is encouraging women to be cunts through the glorification of mass media. Whatever balding, five-foot-two Jewish advertising twirp who came up with the idea for her show needs to be publicly horse-whipped for bringing this plague upon the American people.
There is a to way the reverse the damage she has caused my making it socially acceptable for women to be uncivil if they pretend to be “passionate” enough about a topic. Logically, if Grace has to be so loud and uncivil she needs a bark collar and a plastic cone; A bark collar to keep her voice at normal levels and a plastic cone to demonstrate to all the other women that such bitchiness is not appreciated by everyone else.
That and I don’t like the faces she makes when she is trying to express an exceptional profound “point”.
But, in all seriousness, publicly humiliating Nancy Grace would make America a more civil and less rude society, and even if it is just a little bit, I believe it is worth the effort to make the world a better place.

Bone Awl’s Sunless Xyggos was recorded in 2006 and released in 2010 (Metallum) and is half of one of their previous splits. Some clown totally ripped on this release over at Metallum, and while I don’t really agree his points are relevant enough to link.
Basically, the arguments against Bone Awl fall into two categories; 1. Too minimalist 2. Too trendy While somewhat valid these arguments forget that this is punk influenced, lo-fi USBM and these guys were some of the first to play black metal in this style, eleven years ago (2002 being their first demo). This is a progression of black metal and punk, both genres seem to promote exclusivist fans and are sometimes difficult to appreciate. A decade later everyone loves lo-fi and it’s easy to forget that there was a time when no one was playing like this, thus while not their greatest release it is good and not a simplistic reiteration earning it a score of 84%.

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