Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- The American Culture of Shit-Talking and Wolves in the Throne Room

Our Politically Correct society has become so safe and protected that it has devolved to a point where “People talk a lot shit from a safe place” (-Bun B). Granted, this has always been an issue, however, the presence of cameras mounted everywhere, the Internet police and Facebook have transformed what was once a civil society into a haven for rudeness.
Over the past week alone I’ve been threatened and cussed at by perfect strangers three times. My favorite was the Yankee cro-mag with clip-art and tribal sleeves who told CCRR that he was going to “fuck that guy up” because he didn’t approve of me riding my YZ 85 in a Department of Transportation field by his house… First off, I’ll point out that if he was serious and anything more than a bully he would have said that to me rather than CCRR.
Secondly, this is the South, we raise our children to have manners, everyone is armed and within their rights to “stand their ground”. In other words, the State of Florida doesn’t protect individuals who get too threatening or aggressive. Of course, Florida has also codified the circumstances under which it is acceptable to shoot people in one’s own orange grove. The point is that before everyone had smart phones to document any errant behavior for use as evidence, we had to get along with our fellow citizens on our own… And yes, there have been a couple of times that I had guns pointed at me, and I am a better person for it.
If not better, more polite at least. But the point is that talk is cheap, everyone knows that if Goober was serious he wouldn’t be talking about it ahead of time. Which brings up the point of why would someone go out of their way to publicly make an ass out of themselves? My theory is that his wriggler must be the size of my pinky and he thinks that if he makes enough racket no one will guess… Seriously, it has to be that or his dad hugged him too much or too little.
Then, there was this middle-aged hipster lady who got all butt-hurt because I pointed out that the Industrial Revolution rendered slavery economically unviable. Called me all kinds of names over Facebook, her basic point being that I must be wrong because the manner in which I pointed out these facts was politically insensitive. The utter lack of logical thought didn’t strike me as unusual coming from someone whose profile pic looks like she applied her make-up with a paintball gun.
Regardless it strikes me as a shame that technology has advanced our civilization to the point where random rudeness to strangers is now socially acceptable.

Today, we have Wolves in the Throne Room and their 2011 album, Celestial Linage a Washington based USBM act, however this is not their greatest offering, 78%.