Project Pat- Getty Green (1999)

Project Pat is a rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, affiliated with Three 6 Mafia, in and out of prison and generally exactly as he portrays himself, which is part of what attracted me to them back in the 90’s when few people outside of Memphis and the South had ever heard of them.
I got this album the day it came out, and still firmly believe this is still his best album. A southern rap classic, there are bunches of guest artists on this release, almost a Who’s Who of the southern scene at the time. Afterwards Project Pat said that the album was only mildly profitable since the royalties had to be distributed amount so many artists, however it did firmly establish Project as a notable artist. Released by Loud Records and DJ Paul’s older brother (of Three 6 Mafia), this is defiantly one for the digital collection, all the tracks are good with lots of guest artists, this rates a solid 93%, recommended.