Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday the Baby Generation and Kreuzweg Ost- Edelrost (2005)

I’ve noticed that the “men” of our parents generation [baby boomers] overall, act like babies. Hate to point out the obvious here, but those clowns responded to the idea that men and women are equal by acting like little girls.
Seriously, I’ve noticed some common themes amongst the males of that generation. For instance, if anything is less than perfect these “men” feel compelled to explain how the problem is someone else’s fault.
It’s weird, because they’ll just start saying how they are innocent of wrong-doing totally unprompted. And, they’ll be saying this crap all while implying that everyone else is stupid.
First off, if anyone wanted to hear their opinion they would have asked for it. Wisdom doesn’t come with age and someone needs to explain that one to these old fuckers.
Second, they’re facing the wrong direction; it is hard to move forward focusing on what’s in the rear view mirror.
Third, pinning blame and passing the buck does nothing. The only person anyone has any control over is themselves. If a situation isn’t to your liking then do something about it, or at least examine what one could have done better.
Half the “men” of that generation let their kids be raised by single women and now are telling those same kids that it is their own fault that (fill in the blank)… Never occurs to them that they didn’t do their job and raise their own kids; the half the men weren’t in the house and the women dumped the kids off at daycare so they could work… Absolute minimum effort. They collectively didn’t raise their children, they just did enough to get by. That generation does the absolute minimum and acts surprised when the results reflect that degree of effort. The whole generation does exactly what they believe is required, and that’s it. Defiantly a generational thing, because as a group they collectively forget how they were helped when they were younger. As a group they want their kids out of the house on their 18th birthday so they can focus on retirement, which has been their main goal in life all along.
The Baby Boomers have always done as little as possible and now they’re focused on retirement so that they can do even less. And they expect these same kids they ditched in day care to take care of them in their old age…
Hate to be the one to break the bad news to the Baby Boomers, but half their “retirement” is going to be spent in a nursing home having Haitians wiping their asses because their kids are going to follow their example and do the absolute minimum also.
These Baby Boomer men sit running their mouths, belittling their children acting like they know everything when they should be learning Creole.

“gen se toujou poupou kite sou dèyè m ‘”
(Creole for “there is still feces left on my buttocks”)

Today’s Black Metal selection is Kreuzweg Ost, which isn’t t really black metal at all but technically “Martial Ambient”, which was a new genre name for me, anyway. This is the side-project of that guy from Summoning, basically piecing together music, old speeches and spoken word with the ambient soundscape of martial music, which focuses primarily on Austrian history…
Ok, I’m not sure what to make of this album, or the whole project for that matter. It is defiantly good, I’m just not sure that I like it, interesting and listenable, it is almost like an electronic mesh of spoken word put to martial music, in German. An album that is destine to be played and enjoyed immensely at 3am after closing out the bar and miraculously discovering an unopened bottle of Jim Bean; a score of 80%, not so much that I like the album now, but I know there will be a moment in the future when I will really dig this release.

“Kreuzweg Ost is a dark wave/martial industrial/neo classical project by Michael Gregor (Silenius of Summoning), with Ronald Albrecht and Programmer/Producer Oliver Stummer aka Tomoroh Hidari. The music is a blend of world war-related samples and loops with booming sounds and instrumental pieces. There are no vocals, instead, the predominant samples are arranged so that they take their role, sometimes telling kind of small stories similar to radio play snippets.” Last Fm