Yeti Island- Lifelight

Yeti Island can be described as shoegaze post-rock/ stoner/desert rock, a Norwiegan band that is still pretty unknown dispute having released three demos. Everything comes together well in these demos, fusing different influences into flowing songs that are almost reminiscent of soundscapes. Good music from a solid band, 84%.

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Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women’s Tastes in Music and Hexvessel

It’s absurd that the majority of America is happy listening to the same 100 songs made by retards whom are talented ass kissers, not musicians. While plenty of men are guilty of this, women embrace this as a rule. Their taste in music comes out of fashion magazines. They think everything sucks unless some Jewish advertising executive labels it is as “good”, mass distributed and broadcast on 80% of the radio stations, the “artists” are as full of talent as a urinal.
Seriously, few women actually judge music based upon it’s merits. Rather, they have to be told the music is good in order for them to consider it “good”. That’s why there are so few females at any type of “show”, weather it be punk, metal or even ska. Of course, there are the notable exceptions like big shows with popular scene bands, where the girls come to dress-up, talk to the other girlfriends that came along to “the show”, which for them is more about a social gathering than it is about music, and the only reason they listen to said music is because someone told them it was good. It is rare to be turned on to new bands by a female, and while there are notable exceptions to this broad generalization, I can’t think of any.

Hexvessel, No Holier Temple (2012)

Concidering the size of the dump I just took, I would have thought that I’d be receptive to a folk/prog-rock-ish band from Finland. But, I was wrong. While not black metal per se, Metallum tags them as “psychedelic neofolk” with paganism being among their lyrical themes which qualified them for a slot on Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday. (This was a Random Tag also.)
This is an album that flirts the borders of “Ahead of It’s Time” and “crap”, but ends up on the crap side. There is way too much folk and while they have the psychedelia folk tag, there is no sort of “psychedelia” present. Long songs and short songs, but all flirt with good and become dead-ends. This is really just new age folk, 63%.

And now a place very un-black metal, bright, sunny and where no profanity is allowed;
Lake Seneca, Florida

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- Women’s Music Tastes and Zinumm- Lobishome (2012)

Today’s Relationship Advice Wednesday is about a recent revelation which is so profound and overwhelming as a topic that I can not help but comment; Darin (Hobbit-Darin), would give his dog handies, as a teen, in front of company. As if it were perfectly natural to be jacking off the family dog.
Normally I would dismiss such as story, but there are two verifiable witnesses to this mastermind at work.
In fact, Filipe made him stop. So the poor dog didn’t even get to finish. Which, all considering, at that point, likely constitutes animal abuse because its not like that dog is ever going to be normal again, so he was just aroused and then deprived at that point, which is cruel, even to do to a dog.
In Darin’s defense, he was “relieving the dog’s sexual tension”, which sounds noble, until he pulled out a sock and started to service the dog… My first question once I stopped laughing was, “Did you tell his mom?”, but honestly, she probably didn’t want to know. Of course, how is a teen supposed to tell another teens parents that their son is giving pleasure to the dog?
That had to be the peak of a very weird iceberg, begging many questions, such as;
1. What did the parents expressions look like when they inevitably caught their teenage son giving a tug-job to the dog? (With a sock)
2. Was there a history of mental illness and or sexual abuse in the family? Or did he conceive of this on his own? (I refuse to believe that it was the dog’s idea)
3. What did the dog look like?
4. Is the dog still alive? If so does the Darin still play with it’s Red Rocket?
5. If the dog is deceased, how badly did he take it? Did he go through a mourning period like a widow?
6. Why in the world is the dog’s sexual tension a matter of concern?
This post is more of a public service announcement really, since it is the start of summer vacation, and idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

Today’s black metal is Zinumm, a Spanish solo project playing Gaelic themed black metal. Brilliant tremolo guitar riffs and computer derived blast beats, the “wall of sound” approach was taken on this EP and the bonus track is a serene Spanish guitar bit, closing out the album quite nicely.
While, the musician is quite good, the production is wretched, and I am quite sure a drum machine was used as well… The production so bad that the album would have benefited from being recorded on analog (rather than being butchered by a computer); 74%.


Vaba Marat

Here we have a Bandcamp collection of Vaba Marat, a Brazilian blackened-noise band. Chaotic with beautifully screamed lyrics, the guitars and drums are fast, best described as blackened screamo/noise/raw black metal with anarchist leanings (if one bothers to translate and read the lyrics).
An awesome band that has found a place in the musical universe close to many different genres, highly recommended for fans who remember the term East Coast Hardcore and Screamo, 90%.

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Down South Hustlers: Bouncin’ and Swingin’ (1995)

Today’s selection is Down South Hustlers, a compilation from No Limit records from 1995 featuring a who’s who of the southern rap scene at the time; UGK, Dayton Family, Silk the Shocker, C-Murder, DJ Screw, Eightball & MJG, Master P, Mr. Serv-On, King George and more. Obscure, underground and virtually unheard of outside of the Deep South, it still isn’t even on iTunes.
Some of the best rap of the mid-90’s, this compilation is from a time when these artists were unknown, people would ask, “Who’s Master P?”, a funny question now, but these collaborations laid the ground work that propelled southern gangsta rap to a global audience. This is from a time when Master P was actually good.
Defiantly a classic and a must have for the digital library, 90%.

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Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women Experts and Galloping Shadow- Winters Web (2012)

I’ve noticed that if a woman is as a qualified expert in any given field that she instinctually believes that she is an expert in all fields of everything. I’m not even being rude, it’s just true. Anything they don’t believe themselves knowledgable in, is labeled as “stupid”.
Black Metal? Stupid. Frisbee Golf? Stupid. Potato Guns? Stupid.

For today’s black metal we have an obscure bit of USBM, Galloping Shadow, the solo project of He Who Gnashes Teeth, half of the Bone Awl duo.
While there is a scathing review on Metallum, which, might have some valid points… However, I like Bone Awl.
Most of the criticisms I hear are observations of their musical style phrased as negative remarks; simplistic, punk-styled black metal with muddy recording… Which is their style, it’s like saying “That bear shits in the woods”.
The “muddy”, lo-fi, analog recordings arent easy to make sound right, and if one doesnt like punk or old, old black metal, or lo-fi/analog, then Bone Awl is not going to be appealing. It seems as if people hate on them because so many love them, so thus they can’t be good because their following isn’t totally underground.
This is new music, new riffs, new songs, done in the original ‘Bone Awl’ style, and while not for everyone, this is an obscure album and a definite must-have for fans of Bone Awl; 81%.



Sickoakes- Seawards (2006)

As I said there has been a sickening lack of good metal albums this year, so here is an acoustic, soundscape random download.

In their own words-
“We are eight people and we play music without vocals. We live in Sweden. Our songs are long and we spend a lot of time making them. At the moment we are trying to finish our second full length album.
We have no idea when it will be released. But we are still falling in love with our music, which is a good sign. We will try to update this myspace profile with extracts from our rehearsals.
If you like what you hear you can send us a message, that will make us happy and perhaps push us a little further. We aren’t playing live at the moment, there is not enough time. /xxx Sickoakes”

Ok, they sound fruit and I don’t “get” the album, though parts are quite good, in an acoustic, soundscape sort of way; 80%.



Svarte Greiner- Knife (2006)

I’m not the only one to say it, but there have been almost no good metal albums released this year, so in my wanderings through the blogosphere I came across an ambient/doom band, Svarte Greiner. Ambient/doom/soundscape, a solo project of some Norwegian guy that is somewhat well-known because of another band he is in that, I haven’t heard of either.
Dark, creepy, doom influenced soundscape, well produced and slow. Intense mood music, the type of album that is to be played on a dark, rainy night with a horror movie playing on mute… While mood-music to the extreme, it still rates an 83% because it is excellent, at certain times.

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