Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women Experts and Galloping Shadow- Winters Web (2012)

I’ve noticed that if a woman is as a qualified expert in any given field that she instinctually believes that she is an expert in all fields of everything. I’m not even being rude, it’s just true. Anything they don’t believe themselves knowledgable in, is labeled as “stupid”.
Black Metal? Stupid. Frisbee Golf? Stupid. Potato Guns? Stupid.

For today’s black metal we have an obscure bit of USBM, Galloping Shadow, the solo project of He Who Gnashes Teeth, half of the Bone Awl duo.
While there is a scathing review on Metallum, which, might have some valid points… However, I like Bone Awl.
Most of the criticisms I hear are observations of their musical style phrased as negative remarks; simplistic, punk-styled black metal with muddy recording… Which is their style, it’s like saying “That bear shits in the woods”.
The “muddy”, lo-fi, analog recordings arent easy to make sound right, and if one doesnt like punk or old, old black metal, or lo-fi/analog, then Bone Awl is not going to be appealing. It seems as if people hate on them because so many love them, so thus they can’t be good because their following isn’t totally underground.
This is new music, new riffs, new songs, done in the original ‘Bone Awl’ style, and while not for everyone, this is an obscure album and a definite must-have for fans of Bone Awl; 81%.