Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women’s Tastes in Music and Hexvessel

It’s absurd that the majority of America is happy listening to the same 100 songs made by retards whom are talented ass kissers, not musicians. While plenty of men are guilty of this, women embrace this as a rule. Their taste in music comes out of fashion magazines. They think everything sucks unless some Jewish advertising executive labels it is as “good”, mass distributed and broadcast on 80% of the radio stations, the “artists” are as full of talent as a urinal.
Seriously, few women actually judge music based upon it’s merits. Rather, they have to be told the music is good in order for them to consider it “good”. That’s why there are so few females at any type of “show”, weather it be punk, metal or even ska. Of course, there are the notable exceptions like big shows with popular scene bands, where the girls come to dress-up, talk to the other girlfriends that came along to “the show”, which for them is more about a social gathering than it is about music, and the only reason they listen to said music is because someone told them it was good. It is rare to be turned on to new bands by a female, and while there are notable exceptions to this broad generalization, I can’t think of any.

Hexvessel, No Holier Temple (2012)

Concidering the size of the dump I just took, I would have thought that I’d be receptive to a folk/prog-rock-ish band from Finland. But, I was wrong. While not black metal per se, Metallum tags them as “psychedelic neofolk” with paganism being among their lyrical themes which qualified them for a slot on Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday. (This was a Random Tag also.)
This is an album that flirts the borders of “Ahead of It’s Time” and “crap”, but ends up on the crap side. There is way too much folk and while they have the psychedelia folk tag, there is no sort of “psychedelia” present. Long songs and short songs, but all flirt with good and become dead-ends. This is really just new age folk, 63%.

And now a place very un-black metal, bright, sunny and where no profanity is allowed;
Lake Seneca, Florida