Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- Tom’s Shoes and Lord Time- B.H.A.T.E.O.T.T. part 1 (2011)

Today’s Relationship Advice is about capitalism, philanthropy and logic.
TOMS shoes is a company that sells some off style of shoes at for an excessive amount and then gives a pair to some barefoot kid in a third world country. Great business plan of selling cheap, over-priced shoes to yuppies who feel bad that someone, somewhere doesn’t have shoes or enough to eat, and an ingenious method of avoiding excessive taxes.
Homeboy has made millions off the guilt-complex of the American yuppie, which is cool, but let’s be realistic. Giving shoes to barefooted African children is like treating AIDS with a bandaid. Feeding the hungry children and giving them shoes doesn’t address the problem, in fact, those actions totally ignore the core problem.
Ok, let’s feed the hungry, shoeless kids so that they can grow up big and strong… To go onto have children themselves, who also need shoes and to be fed… Realistically speaking if we want to alleviate hunger and shoelessness in Africa we need to send AK-47s, not fucking shoes.
In Rwanda people still plainly state that “sometimes a war is necessary to bring the population in line with what the land can support.” That, less than twenty years after the genocide that ravaged that country.
Genocide is actually an incorrect description of what occurred in Rwanda. During the early 1990’s overpopulation had gotten to the point where families were trying to support themselves by farming plots as small as an acre. It was common for a family of five or six living and farming on 1.5 acre plots… The average American farm is 435 acres, with over two million farms supporting a population of less than 300 million people back in 1998 (roughly the same time period)… The basic problem was too little land for too many people, which is why Mikhail Kalashnikov has done the most to cure world hunger.
Seriously. That’s why there aren’t packs of hungry dogs roaming America’s streets. Yes it’s sad that dogs are euthanized and so is Mikhail’s solution to barefooted children, all I’m saying is stop giving money to that yuppie twit in order to appease the social guilt of living in a country with indoor plumbing.

Lord Time, again, and yes, I know, he charges for digital downloads. Even after the other day’s rant about charging for digital downloads, I still post this, but this track is a chaoitic black masterpiece, 90%.


Digital Downloads and Avulsed- Goresplattered Suicide (2005)

The music industry has undergone drastic changes over the last twenty years the Internet has taken much of the momentum away from large music labels and placed it in the hands of the musicians themselves, in large part because of advents such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Mediafire and Megaupload.
This changes the dynamics but many musicians still fail to grasp that there are still remnants of the Big Bang reverberating throughout the universe; Sound is not a commodity, thus selling it has to involve a product as well, such as a record or CD, or in the case of iTunes, permeant cloud storage for music player.
Musicians, overall, have made their money by playing music (i.e. shows) and by selling products (CDs, records, tapes, shirts, posters, etc). This isn’t my opinion or something I am making up, it is plain fact. Yes, I am aware of the exceptions and they don’t count because they are exceptions- every week people win the lotto and get struck by lightening but that doesn’t mean these things happen to everyone or even the majority of the population.
That said, here we have Avulsed’s Goresplattered Suicide from 2005, and the band’s feelings on digital downloads-
“When you buy any of our songs, money will go directly to AVULSED, without intermediaries, and will be collected to help on the recording of our upcoming album.
Why downloading it illegally if for only 1 EUR you can get it at maximum quality and supporting the band?? ”
Answer: Fine, don’t download it and don’t listen them, don’t become a fan and buy their merchandise or go to see them at festivals.
Better yet, how about touring and building a fan base rather than sitting at home in front of the computer?
This is the stereo typical over-produced, modern death metal album with the mandatory nod towards technical death, a salute to traditional Doom, is way to clean and the generic death metal release, nothing special. That and their tirade about a goddamn digital fucking download probably ensures that if I ever have a chance to see them play, I won’t, much less buy any of their merchandise.
Defiantly a “B” quality album combined with an abrasive attitude towards potential fans, 60%. About the only positive thing I can observe is that despite their attitude they might be a good act live.


Ugly Motors

This year seems to have hit a dead spot in terms of good new music, especially metal. I don’t know what the hell happened this year, the picking are pretty slim when it comes to quality albums. Evidently I’m not the only one who feels this way because it seems as if many bloggers are posting less frequently.
Ugly Motors is a surf/garage/ lo-fi rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Found this over at SpaceRockMountian, pretty good album with some old influences obviously heard, but free and quite listenable, 80%.