Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Female Politicians and Eater of Souls, Mirror of the World(2013)

Wendy Davis stood and talked for thirteen hours on the floor of the Texas Senate because some clown gave her a microphone and told her everyone had to sit and listen so long as she could talk. And talk she did, for ten long hours. She spoke under the guise of blocking new abortion legislation, but her real motivation was the captive audience forced to listen to her opinions.
Honestly, I’m surprised this doesn’t occur more often considering the number of female politicians in this country. Hell, this might be why women were barred from public office for so long. It is weird how women can take an issue that inherently revolves around dead babies and turn it into torturing men for ten hours. And she is threatening to run for governor of Texas… It’ll be like church, an hour a week. I can see it already, every male Texan must appear every week and listen to that bag spout off for an hour, under pain of neutering.
It is inevitable, just as Sulla and the military coup lead to the fall of the Roman Republic, female politicians will inevitably lead to all mankind being required to submit to state dictated female tirades. Our testes will be surgically removed and entrusted to our wives if we continue to allow women to vote. That woman spouting-off for ten hours was the tip of the iceberg. Everyone will believe me when they get an official notice from Hillary Clinton telling them to go to their nearest veterinary office at their earliest convince.

Today’s Black Metal selection is Eater of Souls’ EP, Mirror of the World. An atmospheric solo-project out of the Netherlands, this freshman release is masterfully compiled and while the atmospheric black metal is getting a bit played, this is so well executed that it deserves recognition as one of this years good releases, 87%.



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