Vital Remains- Dechristianize (2003)

Sorry about last week’s lack of a Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday post, I was slacking, but there will be one this Wednesday. Also, this is the beginning of Leroy Pics, which is pretty self explanatory, as Leroy is my dog.
Vital Remains is an act from Rhode Island playing quality death metal. Excellent death metal actually, but it is way too early (8 am) to be listening to metal, drowsy and half awake. Good death metal, but the production leaves it sounding a bit flat. The drummer is astounding, partially carrying this album because without his talent this could easily have sounded like cheese-death metal. The vocals are good, but not overly noteworthy, the guitar solos are too much, the songs and album are too long and turn what could have been a good album into a weak, drawn-out album, 78%.


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