Random Download Game; Penance- Bridges to Burn (1998)

It’s time for the Random Download Game! This has yielded some truely great finds such as Tortoise and Baby Woodrose among others, however, this is not one of those days. A demo released back in 1998 that seems to have taken the crappy influences of that decade and crammed them all into one big pile, kinda like cleaning out a horse stall.
Wretched is the only way to explain it. This is some sort of Butt-Rock hybred and these guys had eyebrow piercings, I’m sure. The riffs are generic and basic, the vocalist is the same, almost a cover band of radio rock. He talks about his “pain” way too much, this is crap doom, 55%.


I wasn’t able to find a YouTube video of any of the songs on this demo, but I did manage to find another of their songs which isn’t quite as bad, but gives a good idea of the sound that the demo has;


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