Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Parental Guilt-Trips and Theoria- Mantra (2013)

The phrase “Productive Member of Society” has been often used by the Baby Boomer generation, which is ironic concidering that entire generation has been focused on retiring since they started working… retirement is when the individual stops being a productive member of society.
Seems that their logic is hypocritical and self-serving, they put their kids in daycare and shuffled them out of the house at eighteen so that they could prepare to stop working and sit on their asses ASAP. Theirs’ is the first generation to feel entitled to sit around and do nothing. Every generation before them expected to work until they died, our generation is going to work until we die, so where do the Baby Boomers get off expecting a free ride because they worked all of forty years?
Watch, their next catch phrase is going to be “Honor thy mother and father”, which in reality is the preamble to some explaination as to why their children should do something for them… Something that they could take care of themselves, but feel they are entitled to be provided whatever service they happen to be attempting to guilt-trip out of their children.
The Baby Boomers are really the “Me” generation, everything is about them, always has been and always will be. They put their children in daycare not because they thought it the best for the children, but because it was easier for themselves, just like the divorces.
Honoring thy mother and father is a two way street in the sense that the parents have an implied obligation to do more than the bare minium for their children, which is not what the Me Generation has ever been about.
They have some perverse, ingrained logic that they should get the better end of all deals, every time. This is the reason why, as a group, women of this generation are wretched in the field of business. The men are barely any better though and as a generation they twist, skew and apply arbitrary judgement to try and weasel the best deal possible. Watching a pair of Baby Boomers try and do business is like watching a Jew at a Gypsy’s yard sale.
I’m just saying these old fuckers are going to be around for another fifty years, so be warned the Me generation and their antics are only going to get worse.
(It’s not like they’re going to wake up some morning and suddenly stop being assholes.)

Theoria is Atmospheric Black Metal made in Syrian city of Aleppo and released May of this year. Atmospheric Black Metal recorded in the midst of an urban civil war, this album definatly has more emotion and feeling than most of the Yuppispheric Black Metal that is the reigning trend these days. A duo, with one writing and the other playing and both doing vocals. It sounds like an odd set-up for a band but they pull it off remarkably well with a sound slightly reminiscent of Emperor. The sound isn’t over-produced and sterile, nor is it muddy and distorted, it has a pleasant flow and it is offered for free.
A good atmospheric black metal album, released in a year of few quality releases and recorded in a war zone, this ranks a solid 91%.