Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Educated Women (part 2) and Relapse Records Sampler (2012)

Two weeks ago I deleted a Relationship Advice Wednesday post because I mentioned my lovely wife and she was furious, and I felt as if I hadn’t made my point strongly, humorously or coheriently enough. However, a reader told me that he thoughly agreed and went on to cite several examples from his own life. Evidently I was on to something so I decided to readdress the issue. The subject was educated women believing themselves experts on everything.
Years ago I noticed on residental job-sites that bilingual Mexicans suddenly lost all knowledge of ingles the moment a woman asked them something. It wasn’t long before I was envious of their trick and feeling it unfair that they could escape the questions and I couldn’t. Women in general have a tendency to think themselves experts in everything, but giving a woman a degree ensures it. I experienced this many times wiring custom homes here in central Florida.
Plenty of male home owners will be annoying, but the “professional woman” always ensures that the project becomes a headache by changing their minds, moving, and adding things and asking stupid questions that just waste time and delay the project even further.
The worst questions start with “I don’t understand “. Yes! You don’t understand because if you did then you would be doing this and not me. Starting a conversation off like that basically means it’s going to be a waste of time for the man (the woman is being entertained by tormenting someone) and because it is likely that the woman doesn’t need to understand and really doesn’t care anyway.
Another golden conversation starter is, “Why didn’t you…?” Which typically means the woman thinks the man is stupid and is attempting to show him the error in his ways. Nine times out of ten when a woman says that to me my honest, blanket response would be something like, “Apparently you think I need help and or guidance. I’ve been wandering this planet for 33 years without the aid of your unsolicited advice, so this should be brilliant, otherwise this is just going to further my opinion that all women secretly want to boss men around and never should have been given the right to vote. Or speak to their minds, because of this.”
In fact, looking backwards at history, most of civilization consists of women’s opinions being largely ignored, and everything turned out ok. History has shown that women’s input and advice isn’t really necessary.

This week we have Relapse Records 2012 sampler, which has some wretched tracks, and some decent ones such as Death‘s Living Monstrosity. I say decent because the one on this sampler has been cleaned up and over produced (thus why I put an older YouTube version), and that is one of my over all complaints about this sampler; over-produced. I try not to be too negative towards bands so I won’t name the tracks that I had to skip half way through, but Hooded Menace has an awesome track that was on a split a while back, also.
Overall, the death metal is good, the technical-death is too much and everything else is ok at best. This is a free download, there is a smattering of everything, with the good and bad it scores a 78%.