The Sizlacks Demos (2013)

The Sizlacks are a twangy Australian psych/stoner rock band out of Perth, Australia. Relaxing and mellow with artful use of reverb, they are appealing with a new take on psychedelic rock that seems as if it was made specifically for an oil session.
Which is good because today is off to a jagged start with three hours and several hundred dollars spent at the mechanic’s shop for the second time this week. Their mellow and catchy riffs along with the lazy, drifting vocals are a nice contrast to the utter frustration of dealing with mechanics for the second time in a week. I’ve always suspected that mechanics were Special Little Campers because I realized years ago that working on cars sucks and they never seemed to have gotten the memo.
Anyway, this release is a stellar and I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Basically, if you liked that one Grateful Dead album Blues for Allah you’ll dig this album. Highly recommended rating a 90%.

dl demo 1
dl demo 2
dl Deeper


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Children Are Our Future, That’s Why We Are Going To Be Speaking Chinese and Belphegor- The Last Supper (1995)

Children are our future, and by the looks of today’s children we are going to be speaking Chinese in the nursing home. Seriously, these kid are coddled and can’t grasp anything unless there is some sort of digital interface involved. It is like these smart phones have become children’s interpreters to the rest of the world.
Our’s (The Loser Generation) is the generation that grew up in a mechanical world that turned digital, thus we are comfortable in both relms. Now a days the neighborhoods are quite, the streets clear because the children are all busy growing fat, parked in front of some digital device.
We were the last generation that was beaten, or at least not pampered too horribly. After watching a young mother spend five minutes looking at her son’s scraped knee I became convinced that if America’s defence depends on that kid at some point in the future, we’re screwed. The medics of the future are going to look like tribal porters carrying hundred pound packs of Band Aids around the battlefield treating every Owwie with a Band Aid and a kiss. For real, we need to order the Rosetta Stone to learn Chinese, because I seriously think in twenty years these wussies could be defeated in battle by a disiplined army using non-lethal force, like water cannons and seaweed.
I can see the headlines already-
“American Forces Routed Because Enemy Cheated and Used ‘The Icky Weapon'”, which would really just be a catapaulted mixture of earthworms, sour milk and old mustard.
The Iranians and North Koreans are wasting their time on nuclear research when all they need to do is raise their kids not to be wusses.

Belphegor’s The Last Supper is Austrian blackened death from 1995, complete with quasi-hair-metal riffs and old school death-growls. Despite being the band’s debut album their sound is well developed and not jagged as many band’s freshman albums sound. This isn’t the absolute best, but it is era and quite listenable. The second, screeching vocalist adds little to the overall sound other than cheese points, and the organs are unneeded, but overall it scores an 80%.


For the entire discography and another interesting blogspot, click HERE.


Odd Squad- Fadanuf fa Erybody!! (1994)

The Odd Squad consists of Devin the Dude, Jugg Mugg and Rob Quest (Wiki) a Southern rap group from Huston, Texas. I’ve long been a fan of Devin the Dude and last week I was looking for his earlier albums and came across Fadanuf fa Erybody which is also Rap-A-Lot Records first release and it was remixed by DJ Screw, in other words a classic.
Overall, I consider Southern rap to be the most listenable and lasting with many albums released in the 90’s are still just as appealing as the day they dropped, which is more than I can say for the east and west coast scenes of the same era. While I wouldn’t call this album “great” it is classic, listenable and defiantly for the collection. Original album; 85% Remix; 89%.


iTunes Chopped and Screwed version


Would Have Downloaded If It Was Free

This is the start of a new catagory of posts entitled Would Have Downloaded If It Was Free. Occasionally I get emails and or comments from people who passionately disagree with my opinion that music downloads should be free, so I am creating this new category of posts to expand upon this point of contention;
Red Road is Haunted Leather’s latest release from April of this year, proclaiming themselves as garage/psych rock, distributed by a record label that claims to be focused on vinyl… Which explains their appearance in Would Have Download If It Was Free, because why would there be a charge for an MP3 download if they are really focused on vinyl sales? Vinyl collectors simply aren’t happy with digital recordings, so this is a good example of the pointlessness of charging for a download because fewer potential customers are ever going to hear this album. Many potential fans will listen to part of the album streaming and then move on as I have done as I write this. I am not opposed to paying for music, it is merely a counterproductive act for most bands.
My first impression is that these guys are good musicians but basically draw way too much inspiration from The Black Angels.
After listening to this album again I can add that The Velvet Underground is another obvious influence, and while the riffs are super psychedelic and twangy, this is roughly a psychedelic cover band mimicking the songs of other, better known bands. Besides for that the vocals are a touch too loud and the entire recording is too clean. Honestly, it sounds like a bunch of Full Sail students who like the Velvet Underground doing a school project; 70%.
Sorry, I’ll listen to cover bands at bars, but I’m not buying their crap.

Red Road on Bandcamp


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Baby Boomers, Their Opinions and Horrid Cross- demo III (2010)

The Baby Boomer generation has the distinct impression that their approval is needed for all human activities. A person on a dirt bike in the distance, is somehow, a serious affront to their dignity and personal rights… Somehow.
I’m not speaking about a single incident, but a pattern that is almost etched in stone with these clowns. Baby Boomers have a strong opinion on every subject that they feel must be imposed upon the populous as a whole. Another good one is how they will explain how someone else possessing a weapon is somehow their business. The most moronic tirades are about what type of weapon their fellow citizens should be allowed to possess, because as a rule their main arguments apply to a tiny fraction of an overall subject.
The reason for this is that Baby Boomers, as a group, fabricate arguments to fit their personal opinions, thus lacking any true logic. As a group they are vehement in their insistence that the rest of society conform to their own personal views. The 60’s ingrained them with the idea that everything requires a strong, wild-eyed opinion.
Abortion, Guns, the environment, political affiliation, and everything down to preservation of mice habitat and people picking magic mushrooms out of cow shit, all provoke strong feelings of the Baby Boomers. In fact, there is little that doesn’t invoke strong feelings with that generation. They can’t grasp an opposing view, much less see any sort of middle ground. This isn’t even a “getting old” thing because they’ve always been like this.
They never got the memo not to worry about things that don’t concern them. Between Matlock episodes they’re still trying to change the world with their stupid opinions.

Today we have Horrid Cross and their 2010 demo, a Florida black metal horde playing raw black metal, somewhat punk-ish, analog and quite appealing. Recorded with an appealing lo fi sound that goes well with this two man band and their fast, frantic style of black metal.
While not for everyone, the tremolo guitar riffs and fast paced black metal is an underground masterpiece. It is rare to hear quality new USBM, but this is an example of it rating a solid 88%.



Random Download ; Absu- 3/31/1994 Rehearsal

Today is Random Downloads Day and today’s selection I found over at ascoven, an Absu rehearsal tape from 1994. This recording is slightly muddy and imperfect blackened death from Texas… This is a must have for the collector of early 90’s metal and fans of Absu. Excellent background music, lacking lyrics except for a couple songs, though not for everyone I really like it, 84%



Random Download; Vinter II (2010)

Vinter II is a Swedish folk/layered-soundscape/psych album that I came across over at SpaceRockMountain. An interesting album, mellow, moody, erie, pagan and hard to listen to in the daytime, although it is defiantly one for the digital collection.
This album is so moody that the majority of the time it won’t be appealing, but once in a while, in the proper setting, this would be an excellent listen. Middle of the night, in the woods, alone, with a few too many dabs… It would rate a solid 98% (in that setting).
However, that is a rare experience in real life and so the intense mood of this album detracts somewhat, but as a free release it is a must have; 84%.


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Why Women Love Shopping and October Falls- The Plague Of A Coming Age (2013)

Women love shopping, their souls feed off it as a hummingbird does nectar. The only time women don’t enjoy shopping is when a male close to them (husband/boyfriend) is present and smiling. For women that is like trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and a joint in the middle of a kindergarten class. That’s why women detest going to Home Depot.
Before civilization humans lived as hunter-gathers, women gathered nuts and berries and that is the reason they take such joy in shopping. Twisted as it may sound, women who don’t like to shop are normally off as individuals.
The industrial revolution has made the world a giant berry bush for women, which means ten thousand years ago women refusing to shop translated into refusing to do their part for the village. Thus shopping is bred into them the way dogs are loyal (10,000 years ago the dogs who didn’t like people we today call wolves). As for making men frown… Really, I have no idea, women are just evil.

October Falls, The Plague Of A Coming Age (2013)
Finnish dark/folk/ambient/”pagan” metal… Honestly, this album has sat for a couple months waiting for me to write this review, and for some reason I was thinking it was going to be good. Boy was I wrong. It sounds like Dragon Force and Slipknot combined into a super-group. I have no clue how it received an eighty eight percent on Metallum.
Over produced, too clean sounding, the vocals are sung, and with way too much feeling and emotion, the guitar riffs are lame and they want 6.5 euros for a digital download. The only real credit I can give this album is that other people seem to enjoy it, maybe I’m missing something here but I see it as a rather poor album; 61%.


Random Downloads; Lustration- Psymbolik (2012)

Today we have a Lustration’s Psymbolik, a full length album released last year.
I found this over at OnlyAnalogIsReal, an Australian blackened/thrash metal band, this is their debut album and it is incredible. A metal masterpiece with an actual drummer!
I’m so tired of the damn drum machines, true, they have their place, but it is refreshing to hear new black metal being playing fast and loud. The entire band plays well together and this is defiantly one of the best metal albums to come out recently with analog production, excellent guitar riffs and blast beats, highly recommended, 92%.


Not from this album, but here is a live video



Across Tundras/ Lark’s Tongue Split (2013)

Today we have a Desert Rock split by Across Tundras and Lark’s Tongue. As a rule I don’t care for desert rock. As Wiki describes, it is a sub-genre of stoner rock, though lacking the dirty sound and with a faster beat. However, I love splits and this one is offered for free so I couldn’t resist.
The first song is by Across Tundras, is over ten minutes and starts out low, mellow and almost drifting… Wrong placement in the album, they should have been second, but at least it isn’t the typical cheesy, generic desert rock track. After almost five minutes the vocals begin, which is the band’s biggest weak point. Listening to the vocals I feel as if I should be twenty years older and reminiscing about high school.
Lark’s Tongue is psychedelic/desert rock with some indie/math rock leanings, interesting and moody, mood music with too many tambourines and vocals that are a bit too passionate, but still very listenable.
A good example of a free release expanding my musical horizons and why I like splits, 83%.