Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Baby Boomers, Their Opinions and Horrid Cross- demo III (2010)

The Baby Boomer generation has the distinct impression that their approval is needed for all human activities. A person on a dirt bike in the distance, is somehow, a serious affront to their dignity and personal rights… Somehow.
I’m not speaking about a single incident, but a pattern that is almost etched in stone with these clowns. Baby Boomers have a strong opinion on every subject that they feel must be imposed upon the populous as a whole. Another good one is how they will explain how someone else possessing a weapon is somehow their business. The most moronic tirades are about what type of weapon their fellow citizens should be allowed to possess, because as a rule their main arguments apply to a tiny fraction of an overall subject.
The reason for this is that Baby Boomers, as a group, fabricate arguments to fit their personal opinions, thus lacking any true logic. As a group they are vehement in their insistence that the rest of society conform to their own personal views. The 60’s ingrained them with the idea that everything requires a strong, wild-eyed opinion.
Abortion, Guns, the environment, political affiliation, and everything down to preservation of mice habitat and people picking magic mushrooms out of cow shit, all provoke strong feelings of the Baby Boomers. In fact, there is little that doesn’t invoke strong feelings with that generation. They can’t grasp an opposing view, much less see any sort of middle ground. This isn’t even a “getting old” thing because they’ve always been like this.
They never got the memo not to worry about things that don’t concern them. Between Matlock episodes they’re still trying to change the world with their stupid opinions.

Today we have Horrid Cross and their 2010 demo, a Florida black metal horde playing raw black metal, somewhat punk-ish, analog and quite appealing. Recorded with an appealing lo fi sound that goes well with this two man band and their fast, frantic style of black metal.
While not for everyone, the tremolo guitar riffs and fast paced black metal is an underground masterpiece. It is rare to hear quality new USBM, but this is an example of it rating a solid 88%.



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