Would Have Downloaded If It Was Free

This is the start of a new catagory of posts entitled Would Have Downloaded If It Was Free. Occasionally I get emails and or comments from people who passionately disagree with my opinion that music downloads should be free, so I am creating this new category of posts to expand upon this point of contention;
Red Road is Haunted Leather’s latest release from April of this year, proclaiming themselves as garage/psych rock, distributed by a record label that claims to be focused on vinyl… Which explains their appearance in Would Have Download If It Was Free, because why would there be a charge for an MP3 download if they are really focused on vinyl sales? Vinyl collectors simply aren’t happy with digital recordings, so this is a good example of the pointlessness of charging for a download because fewer potential customers are ever going to hear this album. Many potential fans will listen to part of the album streaming and then move on as I have done as I write this. I am not opposed to paying for music, it is merely a counterproductive act for most bands.
My first impression is that these guys are good musicians but basically draw way too much inspiration from The Black Angels.
After listening to this album again I can add that The Velvet Underground is another obvious influence, and while the riffs are super psychedelic and twangy, this is roughly a psychedelic cover band mimicking the songs of other, better known bands. Besides for that the vocals are a touch too loud and the entire recording is too clean. Honestly, it sounds like a bunch of Full Sail students who like the Velvet Underground doing a school project; 70%.
Sorry, I’ll listen to cover bands at bars, but I’m not buying their crap.

Red Road on Bandcamp


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