The Sizlacks Demos (2013)

The Sizlacks are a twangy Australian psych/stoner rock band out of Perth, Australia. Relaxing and mellow with artful use of reverb, they are appealing with a new take on psychedelic rock that seems as if it was made specifically for an oil session.
Which is good because today is off to a jagged start with three hours and several hundred dollars spent at the mechanic’s shop for the second time this week. Their mellow and catchy riffs along with the lazy, drifting vocals are a nice contrast to the utter frustration of dealing with mechanics for the second time in a week. I’ve always suspected that mechanics were Special Little Campers because I realized years ago that working on cars sucks and they never seemed to have gotten the memo.
Anyway, this release is a stellar and I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Basically, if you liked that one Grateful Dead album Blues for Allah you’ll dig this album. Highly recommended rating a 90%.

dl demo 1
dl demo 2
dl Deeper