Show at Will’s and The Experiment

Tonight (8/30/2013) is a two-part post; there was a show at Will’s Pub, but it cost $20 and quite honestly I’m not going to be here for long- It’s Friday, I’m tired and the second part of the post is The Experiment;
The Army special forces soldier who killed 16 Afgan villagers blamed it on snorting Valium and drinking (Check it out here), which I decided to scienticly test this alibet, in the name of science.
I ate some, snorting them is gross, and I have had a few drinks, yet I can honestly say that I don’t feel compelled to kill any villagers.
Dispite how freakish and boring other Orlandoians are, I feel no blood lust, just the need to wash my hands.
Dispite the initial ring of logic I can not uncover any evidence corroberating this claim. In fact, I am a bit more tolerent of the crap blaring from next door.
The show was a flop and the soldier’s defence rates a 10%, so I leave you with a solid Pelican album;


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