Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Cult of Education and Inter Arma- Sky Burial (2013)

We have heard our entire lives about the value of college and all that unsolicited advice. First off, I’ll point out that many of the people telling us the value of college spend their days talking to children. Logically speaking, the leaders of small children have limited expertise and career advice is not in that realm.
Higher education is an intellectual pyramid scheme where everyone extols the system itself and is constantly trying to advance to the next tier, convinced that the American Dream lies just around the corner. However, student loans never, ever go away. Most colleges and universities are Not-For-Profit, meaning that excess revenue must be reinvested into the organization in the form of facility, staff, expansion, scholarships, research and such things. (For-Profit colleges are even more expensive and pyramid-like.) While beneficial, this system also puts the worker bees in charge of the hive, which means that their own financial stability is directly connected to young people being convinced that they need the services which they provide.
Education is an inherently good thing, however, indoctrination is not and questioning the relevance of higher education has become blasphemy. The idea is for everyone to get a college education, not to ponder the usefulness and profitability of that education throughout their working careers in an era of globalization.
Ten to twenty percent of tuition costs pays the professor while the remainder goes to fuel the infrastructure that the school provides. Meaning, it is possible to get a Masters degree and end up oweing $100,000 in student loans, besides for the six years of unpaid effort towards getting that degree, while people on the other side of the planet are getting similar degrees for a fraction of the cost.
It’s risky listening to the advice from the leaders of small children.

Here we have the latest Inter Arma album from March of this year, Sky Burial, which is also their debut on Relapse Records. Inter Arma has been a fickle band for me, a blackened sludge band, I feel I should love, but only like pretty well. This is likely my favorite of their albums and the production isn’t too heavy handed, 82%.

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