Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Stepson, The Pull-ups and Litrosis- I Am Death (2012)

Today I am going to rephrase and answer a Savage Love readers question, since no one has yet to write in seeking my advice, even a year after the start of this column.

14 year old stepson with a pull-up diaper fetish.

Dear Savage Love,
My little perv of a stepson is into wearing diapers and then pissing himself. If that wasn’t bad enough, the little fucker has taken to stealing the neighbor kid’s diapers too and he hides the used diapers in his room. The boy says he is “curious”, but after several months of this it is obvious he is getting off. I don’t think parents need to know about their children’s fetishes, but this is too much and it stinks, literally.

At least he won’t get anyone pregnant this way. In fact, his chances of getting laid are looking pretty slim at the moment. Explain to Puddles that this is the type of thing you don’t want to know about and that dirty diapers are not to be stored inside your house, then tell him the other way of handling this problem;
The other solution is to rub his nose in it, say “No” and beat him with the soiled diaper.

Original Savage Love column

Litrosis is a Greek, symphonic black metal band… A more fitting label would be “Blackened Symphonic Power Metal”, over produced, way too many synthesizers and emotional singing. Someone needs to tell these clowns that black metal lyrics are not to be sung emotionally and slowly. Seriously, I don’t think anyone in this band even listens to black metal, 25%.