The Striped Bananas- Lady Sunshine (2013)

Wow, was I hungover yesterday. Here is some soothing garage/ psychedelic rock that pulled me through the queasy haze that was yesterday… A three member band from the Baltimore area, this is their second album released recently on Bandcamp.
Some of the influences are too strongly heard, but still a very listenable album, well produced and available for free download, 80%.


Ghost Drone, people-eaters- Imprecate (2013)

A beautiful fall day here in Central Florida, breezy, sunny and 80 degrees with low humidity. After five months of putrid heat and humidity the weather has broken at just the moment when everyone was ready to move to the Artic. This is like the first day of spring for the rest of the country. Great day to be alive.
Flipping through an old photo album I find skateboarding pictures from an abandoned go-cart track. In the same manner I found a new genre. Ghost Drone is totally new on me, I just happened across it on a random Bandcamp search. Wiki doesn’t have a definition, though it seems tagged often with dark ambient.

Ok, that was stupid of me to wonder what that was going to sound like. I am pretty sure that is what I am going to hear when I die. Not as I am dying, but what I hear when I’m actually dead… Erie, low, creepy drone. If ghosts were to make drone, I think this is how it would sound. Actually, I want to call this a classic Ghost Drone album because I can’t imagine a more Ghost Drone album than this.
As for the actual music, it is hard to quantify slightly less than twenty minutes of low relaxing buzzing… perfect for the drive home after a long week, 81%.

Ghost Drone



We Never Learned To Live- S/T (2013)

Post Hardcore/ Screamo… For those unfamiliar, Screamo is a sub-genre of Hardcore and Emo originating in the mid 90’s with bands such as Carlisle and the scene had largely faded within a decade. The lyrics are screamed while the instrumentals slide between East Coast Hardcore and (early) Emo. Abrasive and somewhat harsh, Screamo is a bit of an acquitted taste, but in the mid and late 90’s Orlando had a decent music scene and I heard a lot of music that I grew to like later, such as this genre.
We Never Learned To Live is new Post Hardcore/ Screamo from Brighton, UK with this self titled album released last month available streaming and for free download via Bandcamp… Awesome. For what it is, one has to be a fan of Hardcore to appreciate this album, but it explores new territory perfectly within the boundaries of Post Hardcore/ Screamo. It is impressive to come out with a relevant album fifteen years after the genre’s heyday, especially a debut album. 88%.


Obtained Enslavement- Witchcraft (1997)

Today we have Obtained Enslavement’s 1997 release Witchcraft, which has long been one of my favorite black metal albums and one of a handful burned CDs that got me into the genre years ago. Symphonic Black Metal at it greatest, this is the classic example with a subtle greatness to it, as if it caught the energy of the scene at that moment.
The use of synthesizers in black metal was once a hotly debated point, the argument being made that they’re not really instruments, etc. The weight of the argument was against the cheesy use of synthesizers, however, this album is the antithesis of that angle. Screached vocals, blast beats, tremolo guitars, and yes, synthesizers. Everything about this album screams classic with exceptional production and musicianship, 98%.




Post-Rock Downloads of a Random Sort

As I said Wednesday, I’ve been experiencing writer’s block of a sort, so I am doing a Post-Rock Random Download post today.

Download 1
DL 1, Lotus, Monks
Lame. No clue why it is tagged post rock, more hip hop than anything.

Download 2
DL2 Further Down
Further Down is a Czech college student playing a piano cover of a Cult of Luna album… It’s good, and different.

Download 3
DL 3 Fura
Fura, good math rock, a few influences heard too strongly, but still an excellent album, especially for the ride in to work. The clear winner of this selection.


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday on hiatus

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday is on hiatus due to the fact that I seem to have run out of things to bitch about, writer’s block of a sort. I’m quite sure this is temporary because almost everyone annoys me (teenagers, women, Baby Boomers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the elderly and Yankees, just to name a few). In the mean time here is Leviathan Tentacles of Whorror, an excellent USBM release from 2004.