We Never Learned To Live- S/T (2013)

Post Hardcore/ Screamo… For those unfamiliar, Screamo is a sub-genre of Hardcore and Emo originating in the mid 90’s with bands such as Carlisle and the scene had largely faded within a decade. The lyrics are screamed while the instrumentals slide between East Coast Hardcore and (early) Emo. Abrasive and somewhat harsh, Screamo is a bit of an acquitted taste, but in the mid and late 90’s Orlando had a decent music scene and I heard a lot of music that I grew to like later, such as this genre.
We Never Learned To Live is new Post Hardcore/ Screamo from Brighton, UK with this self titled album released last month available streaming and for free download via Bandcamp… Awesome. For what it is, one has to be a fan of Hardcore to appreciate this album, but it explores new territory perfectly within the boundaries of Post Hardcore/ Screamo. It is impressive to come out with a relevant album fifteen years after the genre’s heyday, especially a debut album. 88%.


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