Math Rock Monday: Fight Cloud and Aztec Manhattan

Math Rock Monday is about choice new albums as a silver lining to the crappiness that normally engulfed first day of the work week. A pair of free albums defiantly doesn’t make the day worse, enjoy.

Fight Cloud- Soft and dreamy, a good album overall with fitting vocals, easy to leave on repeat, 86%.
fight cloud

Analysis- Really good math riffs from a one man band who describes himself as a drunk Eskimo… Anyway, aside from the one song with a lengthy spoken word part, this is an excellent work. The solo-project aspect is strongly heard in the sense that the instruments are focusing solely on the intricate guitar riffs, 89%.
Aztec Manhattan


Horrible Downloads

Anyone can find good bands, but it takes some work to find a really bad bands that have gone through the process of making an album, seemingly oblivious to the utter monstrosity they created. Rather than ignoring the creative works I”ll just make fun of them, and thus a whole new segment is born; Horrible Downloads.

dl #1
Analysis- Bad, like MXPX and Back Street Boys had a Gay-Off.

Analysis- Italian and poor. Italy has better food than music and this is a shining example. This is like the home brew and micro brews beer from Nor Cal; defiantly not the region’s speciality or strong suit… “Yeah guys, it’s great”

dl #3 giant squid
Analysis- really bad; soft rock fused with elevator jazz. +15 both vocalists are trying way too hard, it’s like they were molested as children and feel guilty that they enjoyed it

The next question is how to rate a horrible band, which is actually harder than it sounds. I decided to simply add my ratings of all three bands together with extra points being awarded to the crappiest, 55.


The Prophet Nathan- Secret Teachings (2013)

The Prophet Nation is a three piece Space Rock band from Nashville. But, boy are the lyrics fruity. Good riffs, well produced, the trio plays well together, but damn, those lyrics… Come on now, can’t take it too seriously when it’s from the perception of an alien, I think… WTF? I’m not sure where the lyrics are going, so weird and distracting, they seriously detract from the instrumentals. It’s all so goofy. The one song about aliens is pretty catchy. Not really what I’d call space rock, but whatevesies.
Yes, catchy and goofy, 76%.



Math Rock Monday- Death & The Ninth Day and Withyouathome

Mondays are rarely good days, however, Math Rock is good mellow Monday music. A double post seems appropriate since they tend to be such very long days.
The first band is Death & The Ninth Day, a trio hailing from the autonomy of the internet with this being their freshman album man falls down well, which is quality, thoughtful, instrumental Math Rock, 86%.

Next we have Withyouathome which is a band hailing from Thailand which has gained national popularity since their inception two years ago (Last fm). our lives are all very forgettable events in the universe was released last year and has a dreamy feel with low lyrics, quite relaxing, 84%.


Random Split- Absolutist/ Abest (2013)

While browsing the blogosphere I come across random tags that seem interesting at the time, thus the idea behind the Random Tag Game. Today I came across a random split, it was labeled vaguely under the “post” tag, I decided to give it a try because I love splits. This one I stumbled across over at MissTheStars, which gave a glowing review, which was overly generous to say the least.
It’s odd how often I am at a loss to adequately describe a good album but criticisms flow easily. This split, for instance, is ruined by the vocals. This is a split of two sub-genre bands with radio vocalists. Besides for being too passionate, both song’s vocals mask rudimentary instrumentals. Abest’s track starts out pretty good, flirting with really great. Then the growled vocals kick in with a new “hard” riff, then the song really goes downhill. Absolutist doesn’t even start out with a decent riff, it’s like some high school football players made a song after practice. 60% (which is still a bit generous).



Dead Meadow- Warble Womb (2013)

Ok, I’ve been slacking on the posts lately, the speed of life has slowed the pursuit of good new music. However, I’ve been listening to the the latest Dead Meadow almost nonstop since I downloaded it last week. Easily one of my favorite bands I was shocked to realize that they had released a new album in September and I hadn’t noticed until a few days ago.
The Three Kings and Old Growth are both excellent albums, likely Dead Meadow’s strongest albums, making the anticipation difficult to live up to for the following album. Warble Womb has a more mature and refined sound and explores new psychedelic/ stoner territory.
“Is it as good as the last two albums?”
Yes. Bands should evolve, progress. A new album should be new. This is new, possibly the album of the year. Highly recommended, we will still be listening to this twenty years from now, 96%.