Random Split- Absolutist/ Abest (2013)

While browsing the blogosphere I come across random tags that seem interesting at the time, thus the idea behind the Random Tag Game. Today I came across a random split, it was labeled vaguely under the “post” tag, I decided to give it a try because I love splits. This one I stumbled across over at MissTheStars, which gave a glowing review, which was overly generous to say the least.
It’s odd how often I am at a loss to adequately describe a good album but criticisms flow easily. This split, for instance, is ruined by the vocals. This is a split of two sub-genre bands with radio vocalists. Besides for being too passionate, both song’s vocals mask rudimentary instrumentals. Abest’s track starts out pretty good, flirting with really great. Then the growled vocals kick in with a new “hard” riff, then the song really goes downhill. Absolutist doesn’t even start out with a decent riff, it’s like some high school football players made a song after practice. 60% (which is still a bit generous).



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