El Hombre Trajeado- Shlap (2004)

That was a fun Thanksgiving, spent time with the family, listened in vague amusement to the comments, and generally just enjoyed the holiday. For those that don’t know, Thanksgiving is the American holiday where we make the third week in November easy week, out of 9 days we work two, eat one day and shop the next. The holiday is in remembrance of a plague ravaged Native American tribe feeding a boatload of English Puritans and forming an alliance with them out of fear of attack from other tribes further inland… Yeah, doesn’t make much sense, but whatevesies.
Today we have a Math Rock album from’ 04 out of Glasgow that falls a touch short. Catchy, tolerable, real good at moments, but somehow just doesn’t quite make the grade. There are a few odd songs and riffs that seriously hold back the album, the odd spoken part detracts from the music and makes them sound like they are imitating the Phish album Junta.
This is a band in the same league as Herbie Hancock with good riffs but too many experimental aspects distracting the listener and jangling the flow of the song. There are some really good math rock riffs on this album, quite good, but the album remains a seemingly random conglomeration of riffs, 75%. (But it is free)



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