Return of Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday! The Real Reason for the Rise of Western Civilization and

During my recent hiatus from dispensing relationship advice I noticed a disproportionate amount of complains are generated by women.
As I write this, tomorrow is a Friday, and I am going to log the statements and questions from females I hear in the course of the next week, directed towards any male, not just me, and see if a pattern emerges.
Two weeks later
Ok, this turned out way differently than I expected. I thought I would make fun of women by the nature of their complains and have a good laugh. However, after a couple of weeks it was apparent that the overwhelming majority of women’s statements shared a core theme; something isn’t good enough. Which isn’t funny at all, it’s actually pretty annoying.
They never really believe that they themselves have any faults, but they see problems everywhere they look. I’m guessing this isn’t a cultural phenomenon and things have been like this since the dawn of time. Perhaps the real reason for the rise of Western Civilization is because women have been allowed to talk way too much for way too long.
This crap dates all the way back to ancient Spartans. Not only did they feed girls the same food as boys, but they also allowed women to own property and speak publicly.
In other words, since the beginnings of Western Civilization there has been a tolerance for women talking, a lot, which might be the real reason


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