Mouth To Mouth To Mouth- Hey, These Aren’t My Glasses! [live] (2013)

Unfortunately, Orlando was in the midst of a cold snap with the thermometer sitting at a frigid 52 degrees, for days, which is why this post was so long in production. Go ahead and laugh but my motivation plunges when it’s that cold. Fortunately it is warming up, but there are still no waves and I’ve already argued with the Angry Ginger, so I’ll move on to music.
Got a great math rock band out of Ithaca, New York, Mouth To Mouth To Mouth. Me and Sammy Razor Blades got a charge out of the cover of this live album from January 2013 (look closely) . While many people don’t care for live albums I really enjoy them. Even with muddy acoustics and noise from the audience there is often a depth and texture that is absent or scrubbed away from studio recordings. In this release all the instruments come through clearly, playing together in an appealing math rock frenzy with the slightly hollow acoustics and the low undercurrent of the audience leave the listener feeling like they are at the small venue hearing MTMTM play. Quite good, playful riffs and a band that plays well together, 90%.

bandcamp math rock


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