Oresund Space Collective- Organic Earthly Floatation (2013)

Sitting here in the ambience of a crappy show and overweight Central Floridians I have to note the cosmic flow of Øresund Space Collective’s latest release. This is their 16th release and it leans more towards the psychedelic side of the spectrum than space, which isn’t absent by any means, just more subdued in this release. A studio album recorded in the Black Tornado studios in Copenhagen in April of 2012 that is good, very good, but this is a Space jam band. This is more a collector’s item, kind of the way most band’s live albums are collected mainly by the hardcore fans and are the lesser known works. It’s good, just not the sound that ØSC is known for.
Anyway, this latest release is still a superb blending of artists… unlike this show which hasn’t even started yet other than the bearded dorks drooling over fat chicks. This must be a Rockabilly show because it looks like a suicide bomber hit a make-up factory.
Drunken tirade aside, Organic Earthly Floatation is stellar, 86%, however this album is almost a tease, hinting at their soaring and epic live space jams that go on for hours, so, Friday’s post will cover one of ØSC’s live releases.