An overcast Friday afternoon provides an appropriate backdrop for the clouds inside my head still lurking around from last night. Central Florida might be one of the lowest paid cities to live in, but the weather is warm and the Fridays are fun. Here at the Hideaway, one of old Orlando’s two classic bars that open at 7 am, a Friday office lunch is in boisterous full swing on the patio. This is the time of year that everyone loves being a Floridian, the weather is glorious, cool and sunny, the weekend is cause for celebrations and a journey to the great outdoors.

The other day I came across Dr Space’s post about Mammatus’ new album, so it seemed a good time to post about their older two albums, The Coast Explodes and the self titled Mammatus, by this Santa Cruz band. Their sound is somewhat hard to detail, encompassing traditional psychedelic and stoner sounds along with eastern ones as well creating an appealing blend. Aptly taking their name from the heaviest cloud on earth (Last FM) Is appropriate as they have inherited Bongzilla’s title as the stoniest band.
More psychedelic and not metal at all, the vocals are low and subdued, bleeding through allowing the instrumentals and effects to come through clearly. Both albums are great, highly recommended, and easy to leave on repeat for the afternoon session, enjoy.

Mammatus s/t
Mammatus The Coast Explodes


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