Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- What Men Really Mean and Zevuv; demo (2013)

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday returns! Six months of writers block ends today!

One of women’s favorite responces start with “You mean…” and, “Why?”.
A master electrician friend of mine told his dispatcher that he “wanted to get off Friday at a civilized hour. Like 3 o’clock.” She asked why. In the past I’ve noted that women were excluded from government and decision making throughout the majority of human history and pointed to possible explanations, but the stupid questions are the most likely culprit. Seriously, if there were a think-tank for stupid questions it would probably be a committee of women and homosexuals.
It’s not like teenage girls are any worse or better than the adult females either;
“Look down and to your right. Your right. Your other right”
“You mean my left?”
No, I mean you’re sixteen and can’t tell your right from your left.
Another great one is, “You don’t have to shout”. No, it seems I do. The first two times I answered you didn’t listen and replied with “what?”. For some reason I don’t have to repeat myself to the dog. I don’t have to shout at the nephew to get my point across either, but communicating with a woman can be like trying to carry on a conversation at a shooting range.
It’s just an observation, I’m not being chauvinistic.

Today we have Polish black metal by the name of Zevuv. Tremolo riffs and utter hatred felt in the lyrics. I’ve been listening to this demo for almost an hour straight; it is quite good and should be a poster child for Polish black metal, incorporating many different sounds in this demo. Polish black metal has a distinct sound that floats between Soviet bloc and way ahead of the time.
Great demo, definitely a “should hear”, not over produced or cheesy, this falls into the realm of “true” black metal, 90%.


The Triumphant Return Is Imminent!

The Return of Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday is imminent! The new Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday post has been delayed for so long that it seemed logical to have two ready before I announce their return (as I previously did prematurely), thus delaying it even longer… but this time I’m serious. Wednesday.
All new subjects will be explored! Like how to win an argument with a woman and who would sit on a Committee of Stupid Questions. For real, it’s going be informative and scientific. Check out the first one on Wednesday.
Also, for this who don’t already know, EBT is food stamps;


Streaming Sunday #1- Yuri Gagarin

I have long contended that digital downloads should be free, for among other reasons, that sounds of the Big Bang are still reverberating throughout the universe so the idea of charging for a digital download seems absurd. And, the general ambience of Sunday should be a mellow easing into the coming week, so a Sunday streaming post seems appropriate.
For our maiden post we have Yuri Gagarin, a Swedish psychedelic/stoner/space rock band out of Gothenburg and their self titled album… OK, I’ll admit, I bought this one. It’s that good. The guitars and synths all mesh to gather perfectly into a quintessential session album.
Enjoy your Sunday.


Random Tag Game; Popetentacle- Spirit of Yod (2012)

It’s time for the Random Tag Game again! Today’s selection seems to be … Which I have no recollection of other than it’s been hanging around as a skeleton post for months. Pope Tentacle? Is that a slang term for what the alter boys aren’t supposed to talk about? Whatevesies, I’ll investigate and report.
Ok, this is some cool stuff. I thought it’d be a dud, but it is really good synth with eastern leanings. Experimental and Drone are the tags on it And there is no information on these guys. Like none. Not even on Last FM.
Which is real cool. Let the music speak for itself. 88%



Roky Erikson and the Black Angels show (2-24-14)

Wow, talk about a crowded show. And of course, the acoustics were horrible; an A-frame venue with a vaulted, two story ceiling, it was like listening to headphones. Although, this Florida show did get started on time. To the minute to be precise, and I had to run back to the truck to ditch my pocket knife because they were wanding people at the door, which was a popular conversation piece among those inside as well.
So I arrived twenty minutes into Roky’s set. He was playing with his son’s band, and they were great. I think the best band that has played with Roky. The Black Angels played half the tour with him but supposedly playing two sets a night was too much and Roky’s son’s band took their place at some point. Either way, it was Roky Erickson so it was incredible.
The Black Angels got set up and started playing quickly, but the set was played by a tired band combined with the headphone-like acoustics made for a less than stellar performance, but everyone has off nights and it was still good.


The bottom line is weather you piss on the floor or not… I probably did but the show was still pretty good, likely the best to hit Orlando this year, I was just a little drunk and careless.
For those who don’t know about Roky Erickson, he was in the 13th Floor Elevators, a psychedelic band from the 1960’s and later after several years in state psychiatric custody he went on to play what he termed “horror rock” recording an album as Roky Erickson and the Aliens, which is one of my favorite albums of all time. You’re Gonna Miss Me is a great documentary about his life that fills in many of the details.
Every generation has some truly gifted musicians, musicians whose work is timeless, and Roky Erickson is one of those artists of our generation. It was awesome to see him and for those who don’t already know, all of his work is highly recommended.